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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Saga

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Saga

As the Duelists of Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V begin their journey across dimensions, step back and look at the entire history of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise with Duelist Saga, a special set featuring new cards from all five incarnations of Yu-Gi-Oh. The 40 new cards in Duelist Saga are a mix of cards from the manga series, the animated series, and cards inspired by some of the coolest monsters and concepts from each series. Duelist Saga also has 60 more cards that span the entity of Yu-Gi-Oh’s history, featuring memorable cards from the various series, the tournament scene from each era of Yu-Gi-Oh and sometimes both. Each Duelist Saga contains 3 Packs with 5 cards each. Appearing for the first time in Duelist Saga, all cards in the set use an all-new, all-different Ultra Rare technology, and each pack will contain 3 of the 40 new cards and 2 of the classic cards. Each display contains 8 mini boxes. Each mini box contains 3 packs.

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