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Fast Track Shipping

If you are four or more UPS Shipping Days away from us you may take advantage of Magazine Exchange Fast-Track Shipping. With Magazine Exchange Fast-Track Shipping you get UPS Second Day Air Delivery for only $3.00 more than the price of UPS Ground. Best of all, there is only one $3.00 charge per shipment, so if your order is packed in four cartons you are only charged the $3.00 once, not four times! This program has saved our customers thousands of dollars in freight cost.

We regret we are not able to offer this program to Alaska and Hawaii. Also, there are some products that are not eligible for this program, please talk about this with your sales rep.

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Pick Your Day Shipping

With Magazine Exchange Pick Your Day Shipping, you control what day of the week your product arrives, and you reduce your freight cost by consolidating orders into a single shipment each week.

This program has proven to be very popular and we urge you to give it a try. Are you concerned you may not get an item as fast as you need it? No problem, just call us and tell us you want an item “shipped today”, we will gladly send it out without waiting for your “normal” day.

If you are four or more UPS Ground delivery days from us, you can combine Pick Your Day Shipping with Fast-Track Shipping to ensure timely delivery of your products.

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Why UPS?

We do all of our shipping via United Parcel Service because over the years they have proven to be very reliable. We have found that our customers (you) are much happier when products arrive on time and in good shape.

Why are we not able to use your UPS number when shipping to you?

Our shipping system is our own proprietary system, we do not use UPS software. Our own software allows us to ship faster and more efficiently than UPS World Ship Software but it does not accommodate other people’s UPS numbers.