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Greetings Retailer!

Thank you for your interest in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, the No. 1 trading card game in the world!

By now, you are probably familiar with the concept of in-store “Organized Play,” where a retail store provides a safe and comfortable environment in which players can compete.  Keep in mind that if your store becomes a destination for players to play in sanctioned events, your bottom line will see an increase, with the additional foot traffic.  Here are some benefits of being involved in our Official Tournament Store (OTS) program:

  • Both players and stores alike earn special rewards by participating in events sanctioned by Konami.
    • Stores that regularly run and report sanctioned events become eligible for rewards starting as early as their tenth event.  The more you run and report, the more rewards you get.
      • Promotional items include items such as window clings, game mats, Deck boxes, lighted signs for their store
    • Players that play in sanctioned events and rank in the Top 1000 currently receive a Top 1000 game mat each quarter
  • OTS can order every Hobby release, in addition to mass market retailer exclusives directly from Konami.
  • Next only OTS can hold Sneak Peeks (prereleases): approx. a week and a half prior to the official on sale of our core boosters, our OTS hold Sneak Peeks in their stores, with an exclusive promo card and game mats, in addition to the boosters.
    • Sneak Peeks are by far the best-attended local events we currently support.
  • OTS can apply to hold World Championship Qualifiers – Regionals, one of our premier-level OP programs, either in their store, if their venue is large enough, or at an independent venue.
  • Only OTS can become vendors at our premier-level events.
  • Purchase a Duel Terminal, one of our amusement machines that vend cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME
  • Get listed as an OTS on our consumer website,
    • Store name and location
    • Event dates and start times
    • League schedules with dates and times
  • OTS have access to human help, not an automated system, through Jonathan Albin, the Tournament Store Liaison.
    • Assists with event reporting software training and support
    • Provides additional event recommendations and in-store support
    • Assists with any other issues an OTS may be having

What does it take to become an OTS?

  • Fill out a short five question survey.
  • Provide photos of the storefront, the sales area, and the game play area and provide copies of their business license.
  • Sign and return a Sales Agreement.
  • Receive and begin handing out Player ID cards (called COSSY Cards, for the Card game Official Store support SYstem.
  • Build and run events via COSSY, an online tournament software.

That’s all it takes!
So, send us an email at us-opsupport(at)konami(dot)com because It’s Time to Duel!

Jonathan Albin
Tournament Store Liaison, Card Business
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
2381 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 200
El Segundo, CA, 90245
310-220-8314 Direct
310-529-6221 Cell
310-220-8394 Fax