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Magazine Exchange is proud to once again be the host distributor for this year's Wizards University.

We already have customers excited at the opportunity to learn and discuss industry “best practices” with their fellow retailers, Wizards of the Coast and Magazine Exchange PLUS… The opportunity to attend what will probably prove to be the largest Magic Grand Prix to date. Don’t delay, talk to your Magazine Exchange sales rep and reserve your store’s place at Wizards University 2015.

This year’s event will be held in Las Vegas the day before the start of the Magic Grand Prix Las Vegas (May 28-31) featuring Modern Masters 2015! How is this for planning? Our awesome Magic retailers can come out and learn firsthand from Wizards and Magazine Exchange about all the great things coming up for Magic and D & D. You will be able to share and learn from your fellow retailers, and you will be able to attend (if you choose) what will probably be the most attended Magic Grand Prix in history (to date).

Please note Wizards University is for qualified retailers. We hope our retailers will have players competing in the Grand Prix. However, please do not invite your players to Wizards University. This is a seminar for our retailers and their key staff members. Thanks and we appreciate everyone’s understanding.

This year’s Wizards University will be held at the beautiful new Tuscany Suites & Casino.

  • We have some great rates for our attendees. $55 per night Sunday – Thursday. $110 per night Friday and Saturday. These rates are good for single or double occupancy.
  • You may phone the Tuscany Suites directly at 1-877-887-2261 and ask for the Wizards University Conference group rate.

Financial Aid is available for Wizards University!

  • Select Magazine Exchange as your Magic: Origins Pre-Release distributor (sanctioning has not yet begun) and we will offer you a Wizards University scholarship of $100 to help with your transportation and lodging cost. Please talk to your Magazine Exchange sales rep for details on this offer.

Join Magazine Exchange and Wizards at the Modern Masters 2015 Grand Prix.

  • Although final details have not yet been worked out it is our intention to offer transportation to the Magic Grand Prix the morning of the 28th! We hope to have additional exciting announcements regarding special opportunities for our Wizards U attendees at the Grand Prix. Stay tuned as we work to make Wizards University even more exciting for 2015.

Bring your Enchanted Caps of Learning!

As with our last Wizards University we will have some great prizes for our Enchanted Caps of Learning competition. This was great fun last year and we look forward to seeing everyone’s new creations for Wizards U 2015.

Ultra-PRO will be in attendance!

Ultra-PRO has already committed to being at Wizards University 2015. Learn about new licensed products coming from Ultra-PRO. Ask questions of Ultra-PRO staff members and get a look at new and exciting samples first hand. Our thanks to Ultra-PRO for once again supporting Wizards University.

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Please give your Magazine Exchange Sales Rep a call to reserve your space for this event. This year’s Wizards University will take place May 27th and 28th at the Tuscany Suites & Casino. We will have a full day of classes May 27th so we would suggest that our attendees arrive Tuesday the 26th.

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To reserve your place at Wizards University Phone 1-800-234-2004


M X Sells The Good Stuff

Magazine Exchange is proud to distribute the best brands in the Trading Card Game and Sports Trading Card market. We have been in business and under the same ownership since 1976 and we belive the brands we represent say a lot about our company. Here is information on just a few of the brands we carry. We carry other great brands as well... this is just a few highlights!

Wizards and Magic

Magic: The Gathering is arguably the most important brand for the trading card game market. A long history, a loyal customer base and the support of the Wizards Play Network all combine to create a brand unlike any other. If you have a hobby gaming store not only should you be supporting this brand, you should also be an active Wizard's Play Network location. This free program supported by Wizard's of the Coast will increase your store's sales, profits and loyal customer base. Please talk to us about Magic and the Wizard's Play Network.

Yu-Gi-Oh and Konami

Yu-Gi-Oh is another key brand for any trading card game store. Like Wizard's, Konami has an active and vibrant Organized Play Support program. We fully support and recommend to our retailers that they participate in the Konami Official Tournament Store program. Magazine Exchange feels that we are one of your most reliable distribution choices for this brand. We hope you will consider us for your Yu-Gi-Oh business.

Pokemon Logo

Even people not involved in the trading card game industry know about Pokemon! This game continues to captivate young new gamers! With the Black and White series we have seen our sales of Pokemon absolutely sky rocket. Make sure your store is stocking the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Topps Logo

For heritage and brand recognition it is hard to beat The Topps Company. Magazine Exchange is proud to be one of a small group of Topps Authorized Hobby Distributors. We have had our account with Topps since 1983, which actually makes our company the most senior of their distribution partners. So we like to think that we have a great heritage just like The Topps Comany. In a world where so many products are being replaced by the internet collectible sports trading cards have proven to be a remarkably resiliant business.

Panini Logo

Panini, with licenses for the NFL, NHL, NBA and the MLBPA has a great "stable" of trading card products that our shops rely upon to fuel sales year round. We are very pleased to be able to say that we represent the Panini brands in the sports trading card hobby market. Please call us with your Panini product and promotional needs. The promotional comment is a hint... we have found Panini to be very receptive of helping shops with case break parties, customer appreciation nights, etc.

Upper Deck Authorized

There are only four Authorized Hobby Distributors in the United States for the Upper Deck Company, and we are one of them. Upper Deck is licensed for NHL trading cards as well as Collegiate Football cards. They make some of the most popular and in demand brands in the trading card category. Brands like SP Authentic Football and Upper Deck Hockey are perennial best sellers year after year. If your store is not an Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer location please give us a call and we will be delighted to help you with the application process.



For More Information Phone 1-800-234-2004