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Dragonborne Rally to War Booster

Dragonborne Rally to War Booster

The rumors spread throughout the realm. ‘An accursed time’, echoed in the halls. ‘A time of pain’, whispered through the woods. ‘An opportunity for profit’, went the murmurs in the back alleys. ‘New entertainment’, cackled within the mausoleum. ‘A chance for glory,’ filled the tavern with roars. War has come, and the time for heroes to rise is now. The first Dragonborne booster [Rally to War] features cards from all of the five colors, allowing players to build all sorts of decks featuring dragons, angels, elves, werebeasts, and more. Each [Rally to War] display contains 20 packs of 8 cards, of which 1 or possibly more cards will be of R rarity or above. Parallel holo versions of all cards will also be randomly inserted!

Order Deadline: 06/12/2017

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