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To our customers, please be aware that our Pre-Order List is generally updated once per week. This page is designed for the dissemination of information to our store accounts and should be viewed with that in mind. Please be aware that content, street dates and availability are subject to change at any time. For pricing please contact your sales rep.

Baseball Pre-Orders

17 Bowman Chrome Baseball Foil (09/06/2017)
Following last year’s successful reconfiguration, Bowman Chrome resurfaces in 2017 with chrome prospect autographs, colorful refractor parallels, and Arizona Fall League content showcasing the game’s future stars. Each Hobby Box contains: 2 Mini-Boxes with 6 packs per mini box, 2 Autograph cards, 1 Prospect Shimmer Parallel Card (NEW!), two 2016 Arizona Fall League Fall Stars chrome Insert Cards.
Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

17 Bowman Chrome Baseball Choice Box (09/06/2017)
Following last year’s successful reconfiguration, Bowman Chrome resurfaces in 2017 with chrome prospect autographs, colorful refractor parallels, and Arizona Fall League content showcasing the game’s future stars. Following on the heels of a successful 2016 campaign, Bowman Chrome will be unveiling an HTA Choice Box containing only autographs! This limited-edition product offering will guarantee THREE autograph cards per box. Look for low-numbered autograph subsets and parallels to fall exclusively in HTA Choice.

  • Allocated, one per three Bowman Chrome Baseball Foil Boxes Pre-Ordered.

Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

17 Topps Gold Label Baseball (08/30/2017)
100 MLB players highlighting rising rookies, veteran superstars and retired greats. Each subject will receive 3 versions to collect: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. All base cards will showcase 2 player images, with a new image variation throughout every class. Each class version will also feature Black, Blue, Red and Gold Parallels to chase and collect! BLACK PARALLELS: Class 1 – 1:2 packs. Class 2 – 1:6 packs. Class 3 – 1:20 packs. BLUE PARALLELS: Class 1 – #’d to 150 NEW. Class 2 – #’d to 99 NEW. Class 3 – #’d to 50 NEW. RED PARALLELS: Class 1 – #’d to 75. Class 2 – #’d to 50. Class 3 – #’d to 25. GOLD PARALLELS: Class 1 – 1/1. Class 2 – 1/1. Class 3 1/1.
Order Deadline: 05/04/2017

17 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball (07/26/2017)
Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball makes its debut this season combining clear, acetate card technology with on-card autographs from the hottest rookies and superstar sensations in Major League Baseball. Clearly Authentic will incorporate the base card design from 2017 Topps Baseball – as well as some of the most iconic Topps Baseball cards and designs of ALL TIME – into a product offering that delivers 1 autograph per box. Players will sign their autographs directly on the card and all autographed cards will be encased. On average, box guarantees: 1 Clearly Authentic Autograph Card and ever case guarantees 2 Clearly Authentic Reprint Autograph Cards. ALLOCATED
Order Deadline: 05/12/2017

17 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball (08/16/2017)
Continue collecting the class 1968 Topps Baseball design in this year’s Topps Heritage High Number Baseball and complete your set with spectacular rookie call-ups and traded veteran players. Major highlights of the set will include Real One Autographs, Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics, Box Loader Autographs and much more. 1 Autograph or Relic Card PLUS 1 Box loader per Hobby Box.
Order Deadline: 04/14/2017

17 Topps Chrome Baseball (08/15/2017)
Topps Chrome Baseball returns in 2017 to showcase one of the game’s most anticipated MLB rookie classes in memory! All of the season’s biggest rookies will be featured with rookie cards and ON-CARD rookie autographs, making 2017 Topps Chrome Baseball a can’t-miss release of 2017. A rainbow of colorful chrome parallels will be featured along with new insert subsets and autograph content revolving around the game’s brightest young stars. Each hobby box will deliver two autograph cards.
Order Deadline: 03/25/2017

17 Topps Chrome Jumbo Baseball (08/15/2017)
Topps Chrome Baseball returns in 2017 to showcase one of the game’s most anticipated MLB rookie classes in memory! All of the season’s biggest rookies will be featured with rookie cards and ON-CARD rookie autographs, making 2017 Topps Chrome Baseball a can’t-miss release of 2017. A rainbow of colorful chrome parallels will be featured along with new insert subsets and autograph content revolving around the game’s brightest young stars. Each hobby JUMBO box will deliver five autograph cards.
Order Deadline: 03/25/2017

17 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball (07/19/2017)
Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball, the award winning, reimagined brand from 1887, returns this year celebrating the best of the best baseball stars and world champions! 2017 Allen & Ginter delivers 3 hits in every box, highlighting autographs, relics, originals, book cards, cut signatures, rare parallels, stealth inserts, RIP cards and much more!
Order Deadline: 03/03/2017

17 Topps Baseball Sets (07/15/2017)
Each 2017 Topps Baseball set contains a set of all 700 2017 Topps Series 1 and Series 2 Baseball cards plus one 5-card packs of 2017 Baseball Parallel Insert cards for a total of 705 cards.
Order Deadline: 03/10/2017

17 Topps Stadium Club Baseball (06/28/2017)
Topps Stadium Club Baseball delivers captivating photography that captures a wide array of beautiful imagery from the Major League Baseball season. Base card shots include game-changing plays, player celebrations, fun moments and iconic retired players. This year’s release will pay tribute to Topps Stadium Club Chrome, highlighting base chrome parallel cards of today’s must-have MLB superstars! Guarantees 2 autograph cards per pack and 1 insert or parallel per pack!
Order Deadline: 02/24/2017

17 Topps Archives Baseball (05/31/2017)
Topps Archives Baseball will return in 2017 to showcase wide-ranging improvements! A more comprehensive and diverse autograph checklist! Additional unannounced card variations. New throwback on-card autograph subsets. The 1960, 1982 and 1992 Topps designs. Additionally, each hobby case will guarantee at least one 1959 Bazooka Baseball on-card autograph. Take a stroll down memory lane with 2017 Topps Archives Baseball!
Order Deadline: 02/12/2017

17 Topps Inception Baseball (05/17/2017)
Inception Baseball delivers autographs and autograph relic cards of this year’s most collectible and promising rookies and young stars, right at the start of the 2017 MLB season. Each box will deliver 1 autograph or 1 autograph relic or patch card.
Order Deadline: 12/10/2016

17 Topps Museum Collection Baseball (06/21/2017)
Every box contains 1 on-card Autograph card, 1 Autograph Relic card, 1 Quad Relic card and 1 Prime Relic card! Every case guarantees 1 Framed On-Card Autograph and 1 Autographed Jumbo Relic card.
Order Deadline: 12/08/2016

17 Topps Baseball Series 2 Foil (06/14/2017)
Topps Baseball Series 2 showcases the biggest stars of today and captures the most remarkable moments and milestones from baseball history! As the Midsummer Classic approaches, Topps Baseball Series 2 celebrates the greatest MLB All-Stars of all time and pays tribute to America’s Pastime with MLB Fourth of July Inserts, autographs and relic cards. 1 Autograph or Relic Card Per Hobby Box.
Order Deadline: 01/07/2017

17 Topps Baseball Series 2 JUMBO (06/14/2017) SOLD OUT
Topps Baseball Series 2 showcases the biggest stars of today and captures the most remarkable moments and milestones from baseball history! As the Midsummer Classic approaches, Topps Baseball Series 2 celebrates the greatest MLB All-Stars of all time and pays tribute to America’s Pastime with MLB Fourth of July Inserts, autographs and relic cards. 1 Autograph and 2 Relic Cards Per Hobby Box. ALLOCATED.
Order Deadline: 01/07/2017

17 Topps Pro Debut Baseball (05/24/2017)
The first cards of the 2016 MLB Draft class in their Minor League Baseball uniforms will arrive in May 2017! Topps Pro Debut Baseball returns in 2017 as the most comprehensive Minor League Baseball trading card release of the season. Compelling thematics such as In The Wins, an insert subset devoted entirely to the brightest young stars in Minor League Baseball, have been added this year to drive interest and collectability. Also look for specially inserted Promo Night Uniform Relic cards featuring jumbo-sized pieces of game-used promotional themed jerseys. Each box will guarantee 2 autograph cards as well as 2 relic cards.

17 Topps Bunt Baseball (05/10/2017)
Topps Bunt Baseball returns in 2017 with more exclusive content, a brand-new base card design, more parallels, and the most popular insert cards of your favorite MLB players. Look for exclusive code cards in this product and unlock more content than ever before throughout the entire 2017 MLB season.
Order Deadline: 01/28/2017

17 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball (05/03/2017)
Every box includes: 6 Autograph or Autograph Relic Cards and 2 Premium Relic Cards. Look for the following hits on the box level: Base Autograph Relic Collection, Definitive Rookie Autograph Cards, Definitive Autograph Relic Cards, Dual Autograph Collection, Dual Autograph Relic Collection, Framed Autograph Collection, Framed Autograph Patch Collection and Jumbo Patch Collection. Look for RARE case hits: Autograph Patch Book Collection, Definitive Nameplate Collection, Autograph Inscription Collection, Legendary Autograph Collection, Definitive Patch Collection and Definitive Cut Signatures.
Order Deadline: 01/28/2017

17 Topps Tier One Baseball (05/31/2017)
Topps Tier One Baseball delivers high-end trading cards that showcase some of the most sought-after on-card Autograph content and rare relic memorabilia cards from the most collectible baseball players in the game. Each box guarantees 2 Autograph Cards and 1 Relic Card per pack, with case-loaded hot boxes delivering 1 additional Relic Card. Additionally, every case guarantees a ‘Tier 1 Autograph Card’.
Order Deadline: 01/27/2017

17 Topps Finest Baseball (06/07/2017) SOLD OUT
An iconic Topps brand returns in 2017! In addition to its retro-themed designs, 2017 Topps Finest Baseball will feature new low-numbered Wave Autograph parallels along with a variety of colorful and compelling insert subsets. This year’s release will also debut a new autograph case hit, Finest Finishes Autographs, which highlights the most iconic conclusions in MLB history.
Order Deadline: 02/18/2017

17 Topps Archives Signature Series Baseball (08/01/2017) SOLD OUT
Look for this all-new edition of the Archives Signature Series. Showcasing Active MLB players on original Topps and Bowman cards. Every card is hand-signed, numbered and encased. Each card will include a foil-stamped Archives Signature logo. ALLOCATED.
Order Deadline: 04/20/2017

17 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions (08/23/2017)
150 base set cards highlighted by athletes and personalities from a wide array of interests! The land of OZ takes center stage with Goodwin Masterpieces hand-painted booklet cards! NEW 3-D lenticular cards ‘Wonders of the Universe’ falling at a rate of 1:32 packs, featuring 42 unique renderings of deep outer space landscapes and phenomenon. NEW Canine Champions embroidered patch cards begin a new three-year run of man’s best friend. ALL NEW World Traveler Map Relics feature map relics of the most beautiful destinations Around the Globe. NEW Ancient Currencies feature Rare Ancient Coins from the Roman and Ottoman Empire, Ancient Greek Coins and Pirate Treasure Coins. BOX BREAK: 10 Black & White SPs or Goudy Cards, 7 Mini Cards, 3 Hits from the following: Autographs, Relics, Manufactured Patches or 3-D Lenticulars.
Order Deadline: 05/16/2017

Basketball Pre-Orders

16-17 Panini NBA Day Packs Promotion
Panini has created a great promotion to help our hobby retailers. With EVERY box of Threads Basketball you pre-order you will receive TWO FREE Panini NBA Day Packs.

  • 40-card Base Set featuring the top names from the NBA.  Rookie Cards Serial Numbered to 699 including Brandon Ingram & Jaylen Brown.  Loaded with Autographs, Parallels & Unique Memorabilia.

16-17 Panini Threads Basketball (05/03/2017)
Leather Rookie cards can only be found in hobby packs, and two are guaranteed in every box! Look for Hobby Exclusive autographs in Signage (Gold Proof #’d/10, Platinum Proof #’d/1), Rookie Signage (Gold and Platinum Proof), NBA Legends Ink (Gold and Platinum Proof), Team Threads Die-Cuts Autographs, and Team Threads Die-Cuts Rookie Autographs! Find ultra-rare Century Stars insert cards, falling at one per case on average! Hobby-only memorabilia inserts include Debut Threads, Authentic Threads, and Century Collection Materials. All three sets have Prime versions #’d/25 or less! BOX BREAK: 1 autograph, 1 memorabilia, 2 leather rookies, and 18 inserts/parallels.
Order Deadline: 04/02/2017

16-17 Panini Studio Basketball (05/31/2017)
Studio returns to basketball for the first time since 2009 with a newly improved format and configuration! Collect a 300-card tiered base set with cards 1-100 that feature action photography, 101-200 (Studio Edition) that feature portrait-style photography, and 201-300 (Sketch) that feature sketch-art photography. Each tier is increasingly hard to pull with Studio Edition, falling approximately 15 per box, and Sketch, falling approximately one per box. Look for the ultra-rare From Downtown! Insert that features original artwork. 1 per inner. Celebrated Signatures is a 15-card set, showcasing the top talent of the game mixed with all-time NBA greats such as Shaquille O’Neal, Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. BOX BREAK: 1 autograph, 1 memorabilia. 2 inners per case with 8 boxes per inner.
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

16-17 Panini Spectra Basketball (06/14/2017)
Every autographed card in the program features a swatch of memorabilia and parallels, which are sequentially numbered all the way down to a one-of-one Nebula parallel. Global Icons Memorabilia Autographs showcases 15 of the most popular NBA players from around the world! Collect Rookie Jersey Autograph cards of the 2016-17 NBA Rookie Class! Spectra is back and features the familiar Opti-chrome print technology and the color parallels that collectors have come to expect! BOX BREAK: 7 autographs or memorabilia cards per box.
Order Deadline: 05/07/2017

Comic – Fantasy Art – Movie – TV Cards, Pre-Orders

Legend of Zelda Trading Cards Collector’s Fun Box (05/20/2017)
This special value box is overflowing with collectible fun! Each box has over 30 items inside and features 1 of 3 high quality collector pins in a window. Inside are 4 packs of the newly released The Legend of Zelda trading cards, which include images from 5 games, spanning nearly 20 years. Also included is a poster, and a special foil card (#G9 Midna)! Trading cards, tattoos, decal stickers, foil cards, special pin and more!
Order Deadline: 04/10/2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trading Cards (05/10/2017) SOLD OUT
90-card base set featuring authentic movie stills, with five different foil parallels to collect – some numbered as low as 10! All new Groot’s Roots cards: 100% birch wood cards burned with the image of your favorite wooden hero! 3 different insert sets showcasing behind the scenes imagery, various space ships and an up close look at the space-faring family of oddballs PLUS collect a 4th 5×7 box topper insert card. Look for single and dual Actor Autographs, as well as auto/memorabilia combo cards! Find unique 1-of-1 Sketch cards, including 5×7 oversize sketches! 1 Sketch, Autograph or Premium Insert Card per box. Memorabilia Cards! Authentic material used in the production of the movie! Look for at least one in every box.
Order Deadline: 04/09/2017

Mars Attacks: The Revenge! (2017) (09/06/2017)
Mars Attacks is back for its 55th Anniversary with the first-ever sequel to the original 1962 card set! Featuring a new story in-continuity with the original, taking place five years later, and painted in the classic pulp art style! Complete Box Set of all 110 Base Cards, 25 Green Parallels, 1 Sketch Card and 1 Additional Hit!
Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

2017 The Walking Dead: Season 7 Trading Cards (09/13/2017)
Topps Walking Dead Season 7 Trading Cards feature the entire 7th Season! New characters and inserts. New Autograph Signers and Costume Pieces. Look for dual and triple autographs with Blood Parallel #’d 1 of 1. Plus dual and triple Autographed Relic Cards #’d to 10! Each pack contains 8 cards: 6 Base, 1 Parallel and 1 Insert. One autograph plus one additional hit per box.
Order Deadline: 05/07/2017

James Bond Archives the Final Edition (05/24/2017)
This all-new collection will be the final series of throwback sets to complete the run of the 24 classic films.  As a thank-you to our dealers and distributors, Rittenhouse is including the first-ever Sean Connery Autographs, exclusively inserted in our James Bond Archives – Final Edition – Archive Boxes.  2 Autographs per box, plus randomly inserted Relic Cards.  Bonus Roger Moore Autograph in every Case.  72-Card Base Set.  6-Case Incentive:  Maud Adams (Octopussy) Gold Signature Autograph Card. 9-Case Incentive:  Christopher Lee (Scaramanga / the Man with the Golden Gun) Autograph Card.

  • 18-Case Incentive: James Bond Archives – The Final Edition – Archive Box including                    Exclusive Sean Connery Cut Signature Autograph Card.

Order Deadline: 04/12/2017

2017 Star Wars Journey to the Last Jedi (09/01/2017)
Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Episode 8! 2 hits per hobby box. Look for Autographs, Dual & Triple Autographs, 6-person Autographs, Sketch Cards, Plastic Emblem Cards, 1-of-1 Printing Plates, 1 autograph per Hobby Box guaranteed!
Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

Dr Who: Signature Series 2017 (06/21/2017)
1 Autograph per pack! 100 characters from across the Doctor Who classic and modern series with a guaranteed autograph in every pack. Signers include David Tennant, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper, James Corden, John Hurt, Alex Kingston, Freema Agyeman, Noel Clarke, Arthur Darvill, John Barrowman, Tom Baker and many more.
Order Deadline: 02/24/2017

Clerks Trading Cards (05/15/2017)
1st Trading Card set for the classic film, designed for diehard fans of Clerks and Kevin Smith, plus the collector of rare one-of-a-kind card sets! 90-card Base and Character Set! Featuring favorite scenes from the movie. Collect Gold Quick Stop Foil Parallels and Red Foil Parallels (numbered to…37?!?!). One foil parallel in every pack! 4 different Insert Sets to collect! Some highlights include: All new Walt Flanagan art, artistic interpretations of a certain video rental order and a sneak peek into Kevin Smith’s personal collection of Clerks-related items, with descriptions from Kevin Smith himself! Look for numbered, autographed parallels of all 4 inserts! Actor Autographs! Including Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson and more! Manufactured Patch Cards commemorate products and scenes from the film. Look for 1-of-1, original art sketch cards – RARE! Only 1 per case. Collecting Printing Plate cards made from printing plates that created some of the set.
Order Deadline: 02/12/2017

Spider-Man Fleer Ultra Trading Cards (05/03/2017)
Kicking off an epic year of Marvel’s most popular superhero! 100-card Base Set PLUS 4 different Subsets, all featuring original art! Collect 145 unique illustrations printed across the base and subsets, featuring famed artists: Greg Hildebrandt, Mark Texeira, Bob Larkin, Bill Sienkiewicz, Simone Bianchi, Luis Royo and more! Look for throwback-inspired Insert Designs, including: Metal Blaster, EX Century, Precious Metal Gems, Jambalaya, Royal Foil #’d to 99, Holoblast Hologram, Preserved Amber. Look for Manufactured Webbing cards! Collect three tiers of rarity across these unique cards: Spider-Man Webbing #’d to 49, Venom Webbing #’d to 25, Carnage Webbing #’d to 10. Find 1-of-1, original art sketch cards PLUS Plexi-sketch cards, hand drawn original artwork on see-through plastic cards! Find Cut Comic Panel Cards, featuring iconic comic panels. Collect Autographed Coin Cards signed by comic creators. 1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man Foil-Stamped Buyback cards and Printing Plate cards.
Order Deadline: 02/12/2017

2017 The Walking Dead: Season 6 Trading Cards (06/14/2017)
Featuring the entire 6th Season in one card series! Two hits per hobby box! One guaranteed autograph per box! New characters and inserts. Multi-Autographs, Sketch Cards, and Relics! New Autograph signers! Confirmed signers include: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Steven Yuen, Michael Cudlitz, Chandler Riggs, Tom Payne, Melissa McBride, Sonequa Martin-Green, Christian Serratos, Josh McDermitt, Tovah Feldshuh, Alexandra Breckenridge, Benedict Samuel, Michael Traynor and Major Dodson.
Order Deadline: 02/02/2017

2017 Star Wars 40th Anniversary (05/03/2017) SOLD OUT
An all-new set celebrating 40 years of Star Wars! For long-time collectors and new fans alike! Each hobby box contains 2 hits! Autograph cards, Sketch cards, Printing Plates, Medallions and Buyback hits! Base Cards including Greatest Movie Moments, History of Star Wars, Behind the Scenes and The Saga Timeline. Find Poster Art from around the globe, with illustrations from artists like Ralph McQuarrie and Olly Moss. Look for dual, triple, quad and SIX-PERSON autograph cards!
Order Deadline: 12/28/2016

2017 Star Wars Galactic Files ‘Reborn’ Trading Cards (June 15, 2017) SOLD OUT
Collector favorite, Star Wars Galactic Files, is reborn! With new content from 7 FILMS and 2 animated series! 2 Hits per hobby box: Autographs, DUAL autographs, TRIPLE autographs, Movie Poster patches, 1-of-1 Printing Plates, a 6-person autograph!
Order Deadline: September 23, 2016

Football Pre-Orders

17 Panini Prestige Football (06/07/2017)
Look for a treasure trove of rookie content in Prestige! Pull 40 rookie cards per box, on average, with updated team information from the 2017 NFL Draft! Find 4 Autographs per box, on average, including Veteran and Legend Signatures (#’d/100 or less)! Chase rare Draft Day Signatures with on-card autographs from the top players in the 2017 NFL Draft! Look for rare ink variations! Pull at least one parallel (#’d/150 or less per pack), on average, including one-of-one Xtra Points Black and printing plates! BOX BREAK: 4 autographs per box, on average. Also look for 40 rookies, 24 inserts & 5 parallels per box, on average.
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

17 Panini Majestic Football (05/10/2017)
New for 2017! Majestic Football features a 100-card base set and includes four autographs (with at least one on-card), four memorabilia cards, and two base or parallel cards #’d/99 or less per box! On-card autos inserts highlight retired players and include Distinguished Defenders, Astonishing Arms, Regal Runners and Wondrous Receivers all #’d/99 or less. Majestic Football will feature the first autographed memorabilia cards of the 2017 NFL Rookie Class! Look for the following memorabilia inserts: Team Pedigree, Unsung Warriors, Showstoppers Materials, Proteges Materials and Icons Materials. Also look for multi-signed cards of the following inserts: Ring Bearers Signatures, Hall of Fame Descent Signatures, Black and Blue Signatures, Franchise Dual Signatures, Super Bowl Teammate Signatures and New Blood Signatures. Multi-signed cards will fall 2 out of every 3 boxes. BOX BREAK: 4 autographs (at least 1 on-card), 4 memorabilia, 2 base/parallel #’d/99 or less. Allocated
Order Deadline: 04/14/2017

17 Panini Classics Football (05/24/2017)
Panini Classics Football is back with a loaded checklist that features one autograph and one memorabilia card from current and vintage stars! Look for two on-card buyback autographs per case, featuring iconic Donruss-branded programs from the past couple of decades! Chase rare parallels (#’d/50 or less), such as Blank Back, No Name, and Full Name of past and present players! Pull rare Hall of Fame-worthy memorabilia and autographs in Canton Collections, which features NFL Legends! Collect sepia short prints of the best veterans in the NFL, falling at one per box, on average. BOX BREAK: 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia per box.
Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

17 Sage Autographed Football (05/28/2017)
All Autograph product! ‘Freshman Phenoms’ Platinized card (numbered auto version) featuring 2016 Roy Dak Prescott and 2016 Leading Rusher Ezekiel Elliott per box (bonus pack). Numbered Base Autograph Parallels to 25, 10, 5 & 1/1. 2 Double Autograph (Pro-Lific Pairs) cards per box (with numbered parallels). 2 ‘Training Days’ worn swatch cards per box (auto versions available). Shirts worn during training for combine. Raised Foil Technology. Limited Production. Autographs of all the top prospects (auto cards or cut signatures). Hot Boxes with all double and swatch auto cards. That’s a minimum of 24 autographs per box with a potential of 26!
Order Deadline: 05/17/2017

17 Leaf Autographed Full-Size Football Helmet (08/15/2017)
Leaf Autographed Full-Size Football Helmets.  Each and every box will contain one Hand Signed Full-Size Replica Licensed Football Helmet.  This release features an excellent selection of Hall of Famers, Legends, Current Superstars and the Hottest Rookies.
Order Deadline: 05/12/2017

17 Leaf Metal US Army All-American Football (06/15/2017)
Leaf Metal US Army All-American Football is back again after a successful re branding last year.  Once again, Metal cards featuring Game Action Photography are the primary component of this product.  US Army All-American Bowl Alumni included.  Look for Metal Autographs, Hard Signed Selection Tour Autographs and Patch Autos.  Production limited to 199 cases. 8 Autographs or Patch Autographs per box. Production is limited to 199 cases. Subject to allocation if Leaf does not fill our full order.
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

17 Leaf Trinity Football  SOLD OUT
Once again, this release features On-Card Signature Cards, Auto Clear Cards, and Auto Patch/Jersey Cards.  With the best selection of Elite Prospects, with a special emphasis on skill position players, 2017 should deliver incredible value as this release typically does year in and year out.  5 On-Card Autographed Cards per box.
Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

17 Leaf Autographed Football Jersey Edition (07/15/2017)
2017 Leaf Autographed Football Jersey Edition celebrates the widest selection of NFL Stars, Hot Rookies, NFL Hall of Famers, Legends and more. Each custom jersey features the 100% Authentic Signature of the Athlete.  Look for signed jerseys of: Ezekiel Elliott, Antonio Brown, David Johnson, A.J. Green, Michael Irvin, Dak Prescott, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Terry Bradshaw, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and more.  Subject to allocation if Leaf does not fill our full order.
Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

17 Leaf Autographed Football Mini Helmet (06/15/2017)
This release once again features NFL Superstars, Rookies, Hall of Famers and more.  1 Autographed Football Mini Helmet per box.  Look for Tom Brady, LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown, Terry Bradshaw, Emmitt Smith, Lawrence Taylor, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Matt Ryan, Troy Aikman and more.  Subject to allocation if Leaf does not fill our full order.
Order Deadline: 03/27/2017

Game Pre-Orders

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Pack Dimensional Guardians Booster Display Box (05/26/2017)
Join the heroes of Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V on their journey through the Synchro, Xyz, and Fusion Dimensions with Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians.  On their quest to reach the home dimension of the Obelisk Force, Yuya, Declan, and the rest of the Lancers travel to familiar locations like New Domino City and Heartland to form alliances and recruit new Duelists to the cause – famous Duelists like Jack Atlas, Kite Tenjo, and Alexis Rhodes. Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians is full of cards made famous by Jack, Kite, and Alexis in their original incarnations from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s, Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX, but it also includes new cards they use in Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V.  There are also brand-new cards for popular ARC-V strategies like Performapals, Speedroids, Frightfurs, and Raidraptors that you won’t find anywhere else.  Set includes 45 cards:  22 Commons, 10 Rares, 6 Super Rares, and 7 Ultra Rares.  SRP: $1.99
Order Deadline: 02/24/2017

Yu-Gi-Oh Maximum Crisis SE (06/09/2017)
Each maximum Crisis Special Edition contains 3 maximum Crisis Booster Packs, 1 of 2 Foil Preview cards of Non-Foil cards from the Summer 2017 Booster Set, and 1 of 2 Variant Foil Cards.  Pendulum Summoning will undergo its final evolution in Maximum Crisis with a pair of Pendulum Monsters with Scales of 0 and 13, opening up the ability to Pendulum Summon monsters of any level in any deck.  But that’s not the only type of Summoning that’s evolving. Following up on February’s Fusion Enforcers set, Maximum Crisis introduces a new Fusion Summoning Spell Card that lets you keep your Fusion Monster while giving back the monsters you fused together.  SRP: $9.99
Order Deadline: 02/27/2017

Yu-Gi-Oh Pendulum Evolution Booster Display Box (06/23/2017)
Magicians with the might of dragons!  Sorcerers that defy the laws of nature!  Witness the magnificent and mystifying results of Pendulum Summoning’s final evolution. Following on from Maximum Crisis, Pendulum Evolution features powerful new Pendulum Monsters that can either stand on their own or in the service of that dreaded dragon, the Dominator of Dimensions itself, Supreme King Z-ARC!  All-foil set, each pack includes a mix of Ultra Rare and Super Rare cards.  Compatible with the Pendulum Monsters you already own, but specially crafted to take advantage of Maximum Crisis.  Includes a pair of super-powered Sorcerers that are easy to Summon and give a faster, easier way to bring out Supreme King Z-ARC.  New Magician monsters that excel at disappearing acts, providing useful effects when destroyed before moving to your Extra Deck to be Pendulum Summoned back for the grand finale.  Features several new cards plus dozens of the most popular cards from the Pendulum Monster era.  SRP: $3.9
Order Deadline: 03/24/2017

Yu-Gi-Oh Code of the Duelist Booster Display Box (08/04/2017)
You’ve learned how to Link Summon with this year’s new 2017 Starter Deck, now put your newfound skills to the test with Code of the Duelist.  This 100-cad booster set combines Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, and the newest member of the family, Link Monsters, to kick off a brand-new era of Yu-Gi-Oh!  Link Monsters and the newest changes to the official rules ask you to think about where you play your cards on the field. Code of the Duelist introduces the first new deck strategies where the position of your cards matter just as much as which card you play.  There are endless possibilities fro new strategies thanks to Link Monsters, and Code of the Duelist starts with 3 new ones, along with more cards to enhance the strategy from the new 2017 Starter Decks.  The Code of the Duelist booster set contains 100 cards:  48 Commons, 20 Rares, 14 Super Rares, 10 Ultra Rares and 8 Secret Rares.  SRPP: $3.99

Yu-Gi-Oh Battles of Legend Light’s Revenge (07/07/2017)
The greatest Duels in history don’t just happen on TV – they also happen everywhere you go to Duel.  The Battles of Legend – Light’s Revenge – special booster set brings cards from climactic Duels seen in multiple Yu-Gi-Oh animated TV series to print for the very first time and combines them with championship-winning cards from real life.  In addition, you’ll find new cards from Yu-Gi-Oh GX that can enhance the Dinosmasher’s Fury Structure Deck, new D/D/D Monsters to revamp the Pendulum Domination Structure Deck, and even new Destiny Heroes and Abyss Actors that are compatible with the cards from Destiny Soldiers.  Each 5-card pack contains 4 Ultra Rares and 1 Secret Rare. SRP: $3.99
Order Deadline: 04/21/2017

Yu-Gi-Oh Link Strike Starter Display Box (07/21/2017)
Catch the next wave of Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game monsters with Starter Deck Link Strike. Link Monsters let you bring a brand-new level of domination to your Duels by mastering not just how you play your cards, but where you play them too.  Starter Deck: Link Strike comes with 3 new, all-foil Link Monsters to add to your Extra Deck, plus a full Main Deck and a new Game Mat showing the new Extra Monsters Zones.  This set also introduces a brand-new Type of monster to join Dragons, Warriors, Spellcasters, and all the rest. Inspired by networking machinery, this new Type of monster takes today’s digital technology and turns it into Dueling technology.  Link Strike contains 43 cards:  38 commons, 2 Ultra Rares, 3 Super Rares, 1 Beginner’s Guide and 1 Updated Game Mat with new Extra Monster Zones.  SRP: $9.99
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Yu-Gi-Oh 2017 Mega Tins Case (08/25/2017
The 2017 Mega-Tins serve up our annual holiday season treat of some of the year’s most popular cards.  Each tin includes 3 16-card Mega-Packs containing the top cards from 2016 and 2017’s booster sets Shining Victories, The Dark Illusion, Invasion Vengeance, and Raging Tempest.  As always, each Mega-Pack will contain 1 card of each foil rarity (so 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, and 1 Super Rare in each pack) and all cards included will be in their original booster set rarity.  Each 2017 Mega-Tin will also include additional variant cards (non-randomized), all encased in an awesome metal storage case with brand-new art.  Duelists can choose one of two tins, showcasing either the dual nature of Yami Yugi and Yugi Muto, or the singular awesomeness that is Seto Kaiba.  6 each of 2 versions per case.  SRP: $19.99
Order Deadline: 04/21/2017

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Character Sheets (06/20/2017)
Inside the pockets of this lavishly illustrated protective folder, you’ll find a full set of Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheets for use in any D&D Campaign.  This product includes three additional styles of double-sided character sheets giving veteran players options based on their individual play preference and spell sheets for keeping track of their magical repertoire.  Also included is an introductory character sheet designed specifically to help ease new players into the games.  Fans can use these sheets to welcome new players to the world’s greatest roleplaying game or choose a variant that fits their preferences.  SRP: $9.95

  • Pre-Release Date of 06/09/2017

Order Deadline: 05/15/2017

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System Board Game 2017 Standard Edition (08/15/2017)
The brand new Adventure System Board Game 2017 Standard Edition will feature multiple scenarios, challenging quests and adventures forming an incredible campaign.  Brought to you by WizKids, with game design by Kevin Wilson, the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System Board Game 2017 Standard Edition will include cooperative game play designed for 1-5 players.  The contents can also be combined with the other Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System Cooperative Play board games to create an even more exciting experience.  Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System Board Game 2017 Standard Edition features all new spell deck system for even more interesting encounters with monsters and villains.  Heroes can now be stunned.  All new races to play, the first ever Bard playable character and more.  SRPP: $79.99

  • There will also be a Premium Edition featuring painted miniatures. It will have an SRP of $159.99

Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

Dungeons & Dragons Minis 5th Edition Set 5 Icons of the Realms (07/05/2017)
Collect all 55 figures from D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Booster Set 7, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in the exciting line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms.  Each Booster contains 4 figures total: 1 Large Figure and 3 Medium or Small Figures.  SRP: $127.92/Brick

  • Case incentive Figure
    • Retailers may purchase one with each case pre-ordered of Set 5 Icons of the Realms

Order Deadline: 03/20/2017

Dungeons & Dragons Minis Icons of the Realms Epic Level Starter (06/15/2017)
The D & D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Epic Level Starter continues the adventures of the 6 heroes from the Icons of the Realms Starter Set.  The most influential fantasy roleplaying game come alive on the tabletop with the D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Epic Level Starter which includes a foldable 21×15 inch paper map for your next adventure. SRP: $24.99
Order Deadline: 12/09/2016

D&D Tyrants of the Underdark Aberrations & Undead Expansion Decks (12/15/2017)
D&D Tyrants of the Underdark Board Game Aberrations & Undead Expansion Decks.  The Aberrations dismiss all other creatures as lesser beings, toying with them or destroying them as they choose.  The Undead heed the summons of Spellcasters who call them from their stony tombs and ancient battlefields, or rise of their own accord in places saturated with death and loss.  Contains 2 40-card half decks to expand your options in Tyrants of the Underdark Board Game.  Requires a copy of Tyrants of the Underdark Board Game to use. SRP: $11.99
Order Deadline: 11/21/2016

Smash Up All Stars Event Kit (07/12/2017)
This event will give you the chance to get the new All-Stars faction and cool Smash Up accessories.  The All-Stars faction is a specifically chosen mix of existing Smash Up minions and actions that have formed an all-star team.  To play basketball…in Space. Because that’s their jam.  Contents:  8 – 22-card All-Star Decks, 1 Table-Sized Smash Up Play Mat, 1 Set of Wooden VP/Power Tokens in a drawstring bag, and 2 Copies of Smash Up Base Game. SRP: $110.00
Order Deadline: 06/04/2017

BetaBotz (04/28/2017)
The object of BetaBotz is to have the most Bitz (currency) after the completion of 10 rounds.  Bitz are used to win the game as well as to bid for component upgrades, so spending wisely is important to your ultimate victory.  SRP: $29.95
Order Deadline: 04/21/2017

Dragon Borne Rally to War Booster (08/17/2017)
The rumors spread throughout the realm. ‘An accursed time’, echoed in the halls. ‘A time of pain’, whispered through the woods. ‘An opportunity for profit’, went the murmurs in the back alleys. ‘New entertainment’, cackled within the mausoleum. ‘A chance for glory,’ filled the tavern with roars. War has come, and the time for heroes to rise is now. The first Dragonborne booster [Rally to War] features cards from all of the five colors, allowing players to build all sorts of decks featuring dragons, angels, elves, werebeasts, and more. Each [Rally to War] display contains 20 packs of 8 cards, of which 1 or possibly more cards will be of R rarity or above. Parallel holo versions of all cards will also be randomly inserted!
Order Deadline: 06/12/2017

Dragonborne Trial Decks (08/04/2017)
Trial Decks come with everything a player needs to start the game, including a 53-card deck, 3 dice, a paper play mat, and a rulebook. In addition, the first editions will come with a PR card, and some decks will include a holo parallel PR card instead. There are three different Trial Decks releasing August 8th.

  • Alpha Dominance Trial Decks ($65 per display of six decks)
  • Mystical Hunters Trial Decks ($65 per display of six decks)
  • Shadow Legion Trial Decks ($65 per display of six decks)

Order Deadline: 06/12/2017

Fetch (05/15/2017)
Help your animal friends fetch their favorite treats as you rotate, shift and rearrange the park to slow your foes and gather your goodies first.  It’s up to you to figure out who’s the fastest furry friend of them all.  SRP: $15.00
Order Deadline: 04/21/2017

Sidereal Confluence Trading & Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant (08/15/2017)
Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant is a singularly unique trading and negotiation game for 4-9 players.  Over the course of the game, each race must trade and negotiate with the rest to acquire the resources necessary to fund their economy and allow it to product goods for the next turn.  While technically a competitive game, Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant has a uniquely cooperative feel during the trading as no race has the ability to thrive on its own. Trade well, and you’ll develop technologies and colonize planets to form a civilization that is the envy of the galaxy.  The ultimate goal is victory points, which are acquired by researching technologies, using your economy to convert resources to goods, and converting your left over goods into points at the end of the game.  Contents: 390 cards, 292 wood pieces, dozens of tokens, 9 player sheets detailing tips and advice on how to play a race and rulebook. SRP:
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

Pairs Deluxe Edition (07/15/2017)
Pairs is a New Classic Pub Game introduced in the Fall of 2014.  It’s a simple card game with a basic triangle deck: Just 55 cards numbered 1 through 10, with 1×1, 2×2, and so on up to 10×10.  In the basic game, players take turns drawing cards and trying not to score a pair.  Or, you can fold, and score the lowest card in play.  The first  player to score too many points loses the game, and there’s only one loser.  The Deluxe Edition features retro-style art, and a rulebook with dozens of other games to play with your Pairs decks.  SRP: $17.00
Order Deadline: 06/15/2017

Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park The Game (07/15/2017)
Welcome to Anatomy Park! Based on the popular episode of Rick and Morty, this hilarious, competitive tile-placing strategy game takes place with the body of Ruben, the homeless department store Santa! In Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park The Game, you and your fellow players will be designing the Park, vying for the best spots, and shifting internal organs around to suit your needs.  Unfortunately, Ruben is not the most stable host out there, so time(and Ruben) may expire before you know it.  SRP: $30.00
Order Deadline: 06/15/2017

Star Trek Frontiers Return of Khan Expansion Set (08/15/2017)
Following in the footsteps of Star Trek Frontiers, this all-new expansion brings a level of content.  Tougher challenges and even more strategic choices await you in this expansion that will be a must have for the fans of this fantastic series.  This game is intended for 1-5 players.  The Return of the Khan Expansion Set features Khan’s Jem Had’ar Cruiser The Pequod on a Clix Base, A new playable ship the USS Enterprise-A, 15 new Encounter Tokens, 12 New Crew Cards, new Map Tiles, 6 new Advanced Action Cards, 6 new Undiscovered Cards, new Scenarios, and Rulebook supporting 5 players.  SRP: $49.99
Order Deadline: 04/24/2017

Star Trek Frontiers Board Game (04/24/2017)
A contested region of space accessible through a known wormhole has drawn the attention of powerful forces throughout the galaxy. Both the Federation and the Klingon Empire, who share a delicate alliance at this time, have recently built outposts in the region. But now news of grave troubles brewing in the region has prompted both the Klingons and the Federation to investigate immediately. Command your ship, recruit new crew members, earn experience points, and use your skills to confront the challenges of the Star Trek Universe. Explore and face a variety of challenges on a randomly built Space Map using the Venture Tile System. Star Trek Frontiers is designed for 1 to 4 players with multiple competitive, cooperative and solo scenarios. Work together to defeat hostile ships or compete to explore and uncover hidden mysteries. Players will need to overcome obstacles to expand their knowledge and use their leadership as they adventure in order to be victorious in their exploration. SRP: $79.99
Order Deadline: 04/14/2017

Unknown Armies Deluxe Set 3rd Edition (04/14/2017)
Unknown Armies 3rd Edition Deluxe Set.  Full-Color, three-panel landscape screen with magnetic clasp to form slipcase; three full-color casebound rulebooks.  SRP: $124.95
Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

Unknown Armies Third Edition Books (Three Books Available) (04/14/2017)
Unknown Armies 3rd Edition RPG Books 1-3: Play.  Full-color casebound.  192 Pages. SRP: $39.95

  • Book 1 Play
  • Book 2 Run
  • Book 3 Reveal

Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

Legendary X-Men (06/15/2017)
New Expansion! Consists of almost 400 all new playable cards, Color Rule sheet. All new cards consist of 15 new Heroes! 6 new Villain groups! 6 new Masterminds! 4 new Henchman groups! New Schemes! New Bystanders! Great Heroes include Psylocke, Banshee, Cannonball, Dazzler, Legion and Beast with X-Men team affiliation! New Bystander. Fight against powerful Masterminds including Onslaught, Shadow King and the Dark Phoenix! New Card type: Epic Masterminds! If you thought their regular version was hard, turn the card over. New Card Type: Heroic Bystanders! When rescued they join the fight! New Card Type: Horror Cards! Escalates the difficulty even further! All cards contain original art! Special Promo card in each box (first print run only)! Core set is required for gameplay.
Order Deadline: 05/07/2017

#Alternative Facts the Fake News Party Game (07/15/2017)
A wildly misleading game about misleading wildly.  Welcome to the post-fact world of lucrative headline crafting.  You and your team of genius entrepreneurs must work together to make the most click-baiting headlines possible.  IS this a cooperative game? Hell no!  You want to win the headline by contributing the best card to it, so crush those other fake competitors.  Each card has a noun, verb, or adjective on it.  You and the other players will use the cards to construct a single headline.  Find the Wining card and set it off to the side.  Shuffle the deck and deal 67 cards to each player. Decide randomly who will go first.  The game is played in rounds, where each player takes their turn playing a single card to the headline that is forming in the middle of the table.  Once the headline has two hot-button icons in it, the round ends and the payer who has the winning card scores a point. The first player to score 7 points wins the internet.  SRP: $10.0
Order Deadline: 06/15/2017

Ascension Alliances (06/15/2017)
Ascension Alliances is a 28-card expansion that can be combined with any other Ascension game to allow two-player teams to compete for the first time.  SRP: $10.00
Order Deadline: 06/01/2017

Ascension Apprentice Edition (05/15/2017)
Recruit Heroes to your cause and wield powerful Constructs as you battle to become the champion of Vigil.  This two player product is designed as an introduction to the world of Ascension, featuring updated art and all new card frames.  Experience all strategy and tactics of the award winning deckbuilding game in this 2-player edition of Ascension, a fast and easy-to-learn game with gameplay set in an original fantasy world.  Everything you need to play is included.  Contents:  110 Cards, 30 Honor Tokens, Game Mat and Rules Sheet.  SRP: $10.00
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Ascension War of Shadows (05/12/2017)
A new darkness seeps into New Vigil from the Void, intent on restoring despair and desolation to a world that has forgotten it.  The four factions recall their veteran heroes and reawaken the great war machines of the past, as they plan their first in the chaotic ebb and flow of light and dark.  The War of Shadows has begun!  New dual-cost Heroes and Constructs require them, but have incredible power.  As the balance between Light and Dark shifts, cards gain additional powers depending on whether it’s night or day.  Playable as a stand-alone 1-4 game, or combine with other Ascension games to play up to 6 players.  Contents:  177 Cards, Game Board, 50 Deluxe Honor Tokens and Rulebook. SRP: $40.00
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Ascension Collector’s Edition Year 1 (08/15/2017)
The Ascension Year One Collector’s Edition is the ultimate gift for the Ascension fan in your house.  For the first time ever, Ascension has been printed in 100% foil, featuring updated art and brand new card frames.  This special edition includes the first two Ascension stand-alone games Ascension Deck Building Game and Return of the Fallen, as well as all four Theme Packs (Rat King, Rat Queen, Leprechaun and Samael Claus) and every promo card printed in the first year.  IT also contains a premium foil game board, honor token bag, and portable storage box, making it much easier to show off to your friends at game night.  Limited, Print to Order Print Run.  SRP: $99.99
Order Deadline: 04/24/2017

Dicey Peaks (06/15/2017)
You’ve heard of Mt Everest, K2, and Denali, but only the toughest and most courageous mountain climbers dare to summit the Dicey Peaks of Yeti Mountain at 29,128 feet.  The terrain is treacherous: the snow is blinding, its glaciers are sheer cliffs, and the temperature hovers at 72 degrees below zero.  Bu the real danger is from the sinister Yetis, for they strike when least expected.  Contents: 6 Climber Pawns, 6 Oxygen Game Boards, 6 Oxygen Marker Tokens, 29 Mountain Tiles, 13 Custom-molded Frosted Dice Game Rules.
Order Deadline: 04/14/2017

Cthulhu Tales (06/15/2017)
Cthulhu Tales is a storytelling game for 2 to 5 players that lets you create stories inspired by the visionary works of H.P. Lovecraft, the master of Providence.  In the game, you are the unwilling guests of an antiquated sanatorium, called in turn to describe the circumstances that led to your internment.  Will your recollections convince everyone that you do not belong in a padded cell?  But how ill you explain the sinister events that preceded your incarceration?  Unfortunately, your memories are populated by the stuff of nightmares.  Contents:  Rules Booklet, Game Board, 75 Story Cards, 40 Hazard Cards, A set of 40 Cardboard Tokens, and a 12 Sided Mythos Die.  SRP: $29.99
Order Deadline: 05/15/2017

Spoils of War (06/15/2017)
Spoils of War is a fast-paced and exciting game of bidding and wagering.  Each round, players roll their dice, and then cleverly bluff and bet to outwit their fellow Vikings. The winners claim fantastic treasures, and no one knows who will win until the spoils are counted.  SRP: $39.99
Order Deadline: 05/15/2017

Weiss Schwarz Accel World Booster Display (20 packs) (05/19/2017)
Soar to greater heights and to the zenith of Weiss Schwarz! 1 out of 4 exclusive PR cards will be included randomly in each box. 4 types of exclusive SP Gold Foil/Hot Stamp signed cards from the following Japanese voice cast are inserted randomly in packs! Kuroyukihime : Sachika Misawa, Chiyuri Kurashima : Aki Tokyosaki, Yuniko Kozuki : Rina Hidaka, Kurasaki Fuko : Aya Endo.
Order Deadline: 04/12/2017

Weiss Schwarz Accel World Trial Deck (05/19/2017)
Accelerate toward the future! Includes 5 cards exclusive to the Trial Deck! 2 types of exclusive RRR Foil cards and 1 SP Gold Foil/Hot Stamp signed card from the Japanese voice actor is randomly inserted in decks! Kuroyukihime : Sachika Misawa.
Order Deadline: 04/12/2017

Werewords: The Hidden Indentity World Game (06/15/2017)
In Werewords, players guess a secret word by asking yes or no questions.  Figure out the magic word before time is up, and you win.  However, one of the players is secretly a werewolf who is not only working against you, but also knows the word.  If you don’t guess the word in time, you can still win by identifying the werewolf.  To help you out, one player is the Seer, who knows the word, but has to be careful not to be too obvious when helping you figure it out; if the word is guessed, the Werewolf can pull out a win by identifying the Seer.  A free IOS/Android app provides thousands of words in hundreds of categories at various difficulty levels, so everyone can play.  Contents:  12 Role Cards, 36 Yes/No Tokens, 12 Maybe/So Close/Correct Tokens, 1 Concise Rulebook and 1 Free IOS/Android App.  SRP: $19.95
Order Deadline: 05/15/2017

Yogi (06/15/2017)
Yogi is a party game that will have you and your friends twisting and turning(and laughing, of course!).  Each turn you draw a card with a simple instruction, such as putting the cards on top of your head or putting your finger on your nose.  If a player cant comply with all of them he is out of the game.  There are rules for teams included, and a special take that variant where you choose cards to play on your friends. Contents:  55 all terrain cards and rules. SRP: $11.99
Order Deadline: 05/15/2017

Space Invaders Dice Game! (05/08/2017)
The Space Invaders are back in a brand new format!  Space Invaders Dice! A fun fast-paced tabletop game that plays just like the classic arcade game.  Play solo or compete against up to three friends for the record high-score.  Enough reading, grab your six-sided arsenal and save the planet before it’s too late.  Contents:  13 Custom Dice, Score Pad w/40 Double Sided Pages, English & Spanish Rulebook. SRP: $16.99
Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Oath of the Brotherhood (06/07/2017)
The island of Isla Granuja is a pirate safe haven and the headquarters for the secretive elite council of the Brotherhood of Pirates.  Each year the Brotherhood chooses just one new pirate to join their rants.  Only the most skillful and daring need apply.  In this 2 to 5 player game you take the role of a young pirate, trying to outwit and outgun your rivals through the dark streets and ports of Isla Ganuja.  You will have to command your crew, recruit new members, discover lost locations, battle other pirates and complete quests to impress the pirate elite.  Contents:  21 Colored Meeples(Captains, Mates and Ship(, 5 Player Mats, 131 Tokens, 100 Standards-Sized Cards, 4 Zip lock Bags, Game Board and Rulebook.  SRP: $49.99
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

The Expanse (06/15/2017)
The Expanse is a game of politics, conquest, and intrigue for two to four players. Players spread their influence through the solar system onto important Bases using characters and events in the Expanse Universe.  Players represent Earth’s UN forces, the military of Mars, the rebels of O.P.A., and the mysterious corporation, Protogen Inc. Each has special abilities that you must cleverly use to gain an edge.  The Expanse is an accessible card-driven system where action points and events help move fleets and influence, place fleets and influence and use other abilities.  But let us not forget about the Rocinante and her crew.  They are available to help players in need.  For gamers, The Expanse delivers the excitement of political intrigue of a Twilight Struggle but in a shorter time frame.  Fans of the show will feel like they are in the universe as the cards are chock full of images from the series.  SRP: $49.99
Order Deadline: 03/08/2017

Approaching Dawn: The Witching Hour (08/15/2017)
Enter a brand new world of witches and demons.  Players are coven members who are blood bound: what one witch does affects another member of the coven.  Black magic begets corruption, which is given to other members.  Conversely, White magic can heal your own corruption.  But both types of magic are used to bind and banish the demons, imps, fey, possessed animals, and warlocks entering our world.  Each witch starts with spells that they know, but throughout the game can gain corruption to learn new spells, and get familiars and artifacts.  But how they choose to use these new cards each Hour – whether as Black and/or White magic, will determine the successful completion of the Scene (mission). A cooperative card game where each Scene (mission) determines the goal of the game.  If the Scenes are played in order they form a story arc.  However, you can play any Scene in any order.  SRP: $59.99
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

Dungeon Hustle (08/15/2017)
A different dungeon crawling adventure where archetypical characters hustle through dungeon room cards with printed symbols on them.  A hustle ends when you step onto a room card with a different colored symbol: but you pick up all the room cards with the same colored symbols you hustled through.  These symbols are used to fight off monsters, purchase trinkets, treasures and artifacts, and fulfill quests.  You also gain gold for defeating monsters and fulfilling quests.  Use this gold to increase your character level for more special abilities: each character can level to 4th level.  Be the player with the most VP to win the game.  But don’t let too many monsters escape or you all lose! Components:  96 Dungeon Room Cards, 4 Character Cards, 4 helper cards, 20 Quest Cards, 30 Item Cards, Gold Tokens, Corner Tile Tokens, and Rules. SRP: $24.99
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

Wartime (06/15/2017)
A real-time war game!  Valyance and Firebrand have gone to war!  Units clash in the skirmishes, but the fight is gritty: you have little time to think and plan as sand timers dictate the activation of your units.  When a unit moves, attacks, cast spells, or uses a special ability, a sand timer is flipped.  The unit cannot be used again until the sand timer is drained and then that sand timer, or another sand timer, can be used to activate the unit again.  Manage your sand timers, as well as your unit actions, wisely.  Sand timers come in different times – 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds.  Scenarios use other timers in time-sensitive missions.  Scenario-based play, with branching missions depending on the outcome of the previous mission.  Configure your own units to fight in player designed missions or mix up the unit configurations when playing the game’s missions.  Contents:  12 Sand Timers, 40 Unit Tokens per Side, Terrain Hexes, 20 Stands and 50 Cards.  SRP: $59.99
Order Deadline: 03/06/2017

My Little Pony Booster #8 Defenders of Equestria Display Box (05/18/2017)
Players are chomping at the bit and are sure to be thrilled about the next expansion set for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, Defenders of Equestria! This exciting set introduces new gameplay and unexpected twists! New ‘Mane’ cards of the Mane 6 ponies and fan-favorite Thorax will change the way you play. Discord, Trixie, and Starlight Glimmer make their triumphant return as powerful new ‘Redeem’ Friend cards. With new keywords, jaw-dropping deck-building options, surprising new mechanics and more, this expansion brings the most compelling level of strategic gameplay yet! Features: Over 140 new cards, new cycle of Mane Character cards, new Dilemma and Chaotic Card options, Extension of Block 2.
Order Deadline: 03/25/2017

Cardfight Vanguard Fighters Collection 2017 (06/16/2017)
Fighters Collection is back again this year with an even bigger volume! Featuring never-before-seen G unit trump cards, powerful G guardians, and heal triggers with abilities from all clans! Get your hands on all new trump cards for your favorite clans! Featured Clans <<All Clans>>! All 25 clans excluding <<Etranger>> and <<Touken Ranbu>>. 75 types of cards [75 new cards/no reissue cards] (GR: 24 / RRR: 24 / RR: 27) All cards with holo treatment! The probability of getting a specific card is different from regular booster packs, clan boosters, and character boosters.
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

Cardfight Vanguard Aichi Sendou Legend Deck (06/02/2017)
The third in the highly popular Legend Deck series has descended.  As a complete deck with powerful units and attractive new illustrations, and additional items compared to the standard Trial Deck. The Blaster Aichi Sendou Legend Deck is the perfect pre-constructed deck set for both new and veteran players alike.  Also, stand a chance to receive 1 hot stamp card randomly inserted into decks.  Are you ready to bring back the deck of a Legend?  This pre-constructed deck contains 58 cards (50 card deck & 8 G cards/15 card types including 3 G cards).  Total of 18 Holo cards (RRR), 1 of each card type. 1 Hot Stamp card randomly inserted into decks.  Contents:  Pre-Constructed Deck, Special Aichi Sendou Deck Case, Special Aichi Sendou Fighter’s Counter, Special Aichi Sendou Clan Card, 2 Special PR cards (Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver) and a Paper Play mat.
Order Deadline: 04/24/2017

Cardfight Vanguard Rummy Labyrinth Under the Moonlight Booster (12 packs) (05/12/2017)
Here comes the third character booster expansion for Cardfight Vanguard G! Many cards from the clans used by the idols, Rummy Labyrinth, in the latest anime episodes are featured in this release! A whole new deck for the featured clans can be constructed with this release along. Just for this release, RLR (Rummy Labyrinth Rare) hot-stamp signed card rarity will be introduced. SP clan packs will feature 6 SP cards and a special fighter’s counter! 54 new cards / 6 reissue cards. GR: 2 / RRR: 4 / RR: 8 / R: 16 / C: 30 + SP: 8 + SGR (Super GR): 2 + Special Reissue: 2 + RLR: 2 + SP: 6 + Counter: 1 from SP Clan Pack. 2 cards in every pack will definitely be an R or above!
Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

Doctor Who Time of the Daleks Board Game (06/15/2017)
Doctor Who Time of the Daleks – The Game that is bigger on the inside.  Have you ever wanted to be the Doctor, traveling through time and space, meeting companions and having adventures?  Doctor Who – Time of the Daleks is a semi-cooperative board game where you become one of six regenerations of the Doctor, traveling through time and space to stop the Daleks from erasing the Doctor from erasing the Doctor from time and taking over the universe.  Contents:  20 Plastic Pieces, 6 TARDIS Consoles, 1 Scoreboard, 25 Location Tiles, 30 Dilemma Tiles, 12 Time Anomaly Cards, 18 Dice, 45 Tokens, 36 Character Cards, 40 Timey-Wimey Cards, 6 Reference Cards and 1 Rulebook.  SRP: $74.99
Order Deadline: 03/31/2017

Dr Who Time Clash Against the Cybermen (06/15/2017)
The first expansion to Dr Who Time Clash. This set expands and deepens game play with the brand new Cybermen deck, and 9 additional game arcs.  It features fan favorite the Eleventh Doctor, as played by Matt Smith.  New March Tokens deepen gameplay and will surprise even experienced players.  New hybrid cards also add to gameplay.  Compatible with Doctor Who Time Clash – use the 11th Doctor Deck against the Daleks, or the 12th Doctor from the Starter against the Cybermen.  Requires Time Clash Starter set to play. SRP: $29.99
Order Deadline: 02/28/2017

Epic Roll Eclipse (06/23/2017)
Epic Roll Eclipse is the first stand-alone expansion for the Epic Roll series, combining a dice-based battle system with card effects and potent abilities. Eclipse can be played solo, and allows 2-3 players to compete in games averaging 15-30 minutes. Combined with the original Epic Roll, games expand to support up to 6 players, competing in teams or individually.  Epic Roll Eclipse introduces three fearsome new champions, new adversaries, and of course new reward cards.  Eclipse also includes the all-new Relic cards, allowing players to customize their champions and wiled an array of potent magical abilities. Eclipse challenges players to don their black hats (helms and cowls are also acceptable) and lead the forces of evil against the Paladin King and his loyal followers.  Make your friends jealous and your patents proud(ish) by being the first to plunge the Kingdom of Gallagh into darkness.  SRP: $24.99
Order Deadline: 03/31/2017

Epic Roll (Base Game) (05/23/2016)
Epic Roll is a fast-paced dice game for 2-3 players, with an average play time of 20 minutes.  Players assume the role of questing heroes, competing to be the first to defeat the fearsome Lich.  Along their journey, the heroes will cross swords with the Lich’s undead minions, gain power, and earn treasures to aid them against their foes.  Players must balance courage and caution as they battle their way towards the Lich and ultimate victory.  Epic Roll includes:  9 Custom Dice, 20 Treasure Cards, 5 Glass Play Stones, Game Board and Instruction Booklet.  $24.99

  • The Base Game is available again, we will be ordering more so please let us know your needs.

Spirit Island (05/15/2017)
Powerful Spirits have existed on this isolated island for time immemorial.  They are both part of the natural world and – at the same time – something beyond nature.  Native Islanders, known as the Dahan, have learned how to co-exist with the spirits, but with a healthy dose of fear and reverence.  However, now, the island has been discovered by invaders from a far-off land.  These would-be colonists are taking over the land and upsetting the natural balance, destroying the presence of Spirits as they go.  As Spirits, you must grow in power and work together to drive the invaders from you island before it is too late.  SRP: $79.95
Order Deadline: 03/28/2017

Force of Will L4 Booster Display (36 packs) Echoes of the New World (06/23/2017)
The end is here. The lines for the final battle have been draw. The forces of hope seek to save the world and bring about a new one, but it seems even old allies have joined the forces of despair to snuff out the light once and for all. Alice, Millium, and Kaguya lead the final, desperate charge against the overwhelming power of the enemy, now aided by former comrades. Is the only way to save the future to embrace destruction? Contains all new unique and interesting cards, including rulers, magic stones, resonators, spells, and additions. Never before seen powerful mechanics!
Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Force of Will L4 Pre-Release Kit (06/16/2017)
Contains 72 packs of Lapis Cluster 4 booster packs, 12 promotional cards that are exclusive to this kit, 2 play mats (also exclusive to this kit). 1 kit is for 8 to 12 players.
Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

Munchkin Pathfinder 2 Guns and Razzes (06/15/2017)
In this new expansion for the hit game Munchkin Pathfinder, fans can shoot ’em up as a Gunslinger or benefit from back stabbing as a member of the Razmiran Vision faction. Includes 112 new cards, the new Gunslinger Class, and the new Razmiran Vision Faction. Plenty of new Monsters and Treasures, and a few new puns about finding your path. SRP: $19.95
Order Deadline: 06/01/2017

Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition (05/15/2017)
Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artist Editions.  Fly through the city. Smash the villains.  Backstab your teammates and brag their gadgets.  Reach level ten and win.  Thus Guest Artist Edition joins the unique visual style of comic creator Lar deSouza with Super Munchkin – a parody of capes, utility belts, day-saving,m and nemesis.  DeSouza’s stylized comic art perfectly suits the game’s pulpy sense of humor.  Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition is a stand-alone game, which can be combined with other Munchkin games.  SRP: $29.95
Order Deadline: 12/15/2016

Munchkin Halloween Monster Box (07/15/2017)
Ahhh! Run!  It’s the Munchkin Halloween Monster Box, and it’s coming to get you!  Wait, no, that’s not right – Munchkin fans are coming to get it!  Any superstitious Munchkin lover will want this massive box for stashing Munchkin loot, illustrated in spooky style by comic artist Len Peralta.  The cover features a zombified Spyke with a cast of Halloween-themed characters.  With room for more than 2,000 cards, a Kill-O-Meter, a Level Playing Field, and some Dungeons, and Seals, this box is scary good storage.  Comes with 12 holiday-themed Munchkin cards, tat shuffle into any game. SRP: $29.95
Order Deadline: 06/23/2017

Munchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition (07/15/2017)
Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artist Editions.  Visit the Emerald City.  Adventure with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Wizard himself.  Just when you thought the art in Munchkin Oz couldn’t get cuter, Katie Cook takes a spin on the Yellow Brick Road.  L. Frank Baum’s Oz books have been favorites of children and their parents ever since they were published.  Create your own adventure with Munchkin Oz. SRP: $29.95
Order Deadline: 06/23/2017

Zombie Dice Horde Edition (07/15/2017)
Get Zombie Dice and all its expansions – in one delicious, brain-filled package.  Eat brains.  Don’t get shot gunned.  You are a zombie. You want brains.  More brains than any of your zombie buddies.  Zombie Dice is a quick and easy game for gamers and non-gamers alike.  Great for large groups.  The 13 custom dice represent victims.  Push your luck to eat their brains, but stop rolling before the shotgun blasts end your turn.  Includes Zombie Dice 2, Zombie Dice 3.  Zombie Dice Horde Edition comes complete with a drawstring dice bag and a score pad.  SRP: $24.95
Order Deadline: 06/23/2017

Dungeon Draft Drafting Game (08/15/2017)
Game plays in 30 minutes for 2-5 players. Light fun for all ages. 200 playable cards, gameplay tokens and rulebook included.
Order Deadline: 03/03/2017

Ghosts Love Candy (06/15/2017)
It’s Halloween, and you’re a ghost who loves candy!  Haunt trick-or-treaters to get their candy, but don’t scare them too much, or it’ll cost you!  Featuring spookily cute ghost, kid, and candy cards, Ghosts Love Candy is a fast-playing card game for 3-6 players that’s a hauntingly good time.  SRP: $19.95
Order Deadline: 05/19/2017

Hotshots the Cooperative Wildfire Game! (05/15/2017)
Hotshots is a cooperative, press-your-luck firefighting game.  Roll the dice to match combinations on burning Terrain tiles.  The most you match, the better, but push your luck too far, and the fire grows.  Use Firebreaks, Reward Tokens, and Vehicles to prevent tiles from Scorching.  If 8 tiles or the Fire Camp Scorches, the game is over.  If you extinguish the blaze, you win together.  SRP: $34.95
Order Deadline: 03/20/2017

Hotshots Launch Kit (05/15/2017
Hotshots Launch Kit features Flame Tokens, Tense Dice-Rolling, various thematic choices to fight the fire, a modular board, and special crew member abilities, this game is bound to hit the table repeatedly. We’re making it even easier for game stores to sell Hotshots with demo events everywhere.  Each launch kit has everything you need to join in the fun, including the exclusive River Promo Tile. Contents:  5 Sellable Copies of Hotshots, 1 Demo Copy of Hotshots, 5 River Promo Tiles, 1 16×20 Poster to advertise the event in your store, 1 Shelf-Talker to easily communicate key features and 5 Ask for Promo Stickers for Point-of-Sale Incentives.  SRP: $174.95 Limit 1 per Store.
Order Deadline: 03/01/2017

Con Man the Card Game (05/15/2017)
Wray Nerely co-starred on Spectrum, a canceled-too-soon sci-fi cult classic.  While others from the show have become major movie stars, Wray tours an endless series of cons, encountering the weird, the crazy, and the fantastic.  In Con Man: The Card Game, you take on the roles of Wray Nerely’s friends.  While Wray wants a big acting career, his friends have their own plans for him.  Simple mechanics lead to a fun party game experience for everyone.  Hilarious quotes from Wray Nerely and his friends.  Easy problem solution mechanics create Hilarious situations. SRP: $12.99
Order Deadline: 03/15/2017

Dicebot Megafun (06/15/2017)
In the future, robots battle it out to the amusement of humans.  Players are the robots who must reach into the junkyard to grab dice displaying various parts and place them on their robot sheet.  Each player places 6 parts dice onto their sheet – 5 in the body area and one in the head.  Then players simultaneously choose weapon cards to play, which require the parts retrieved from the junkyard.  Each weapon card has a cost in parts to play as well as speed, direction of fire and damage, and occasional special test ability.  Some weapon cards include: Uzis, Lasers, Rifles, Bombs, Jammers, Viruses, Blue Shells, Shields, etc.  For advanced play, each player is given a special ability activated by kill points: which are gotten by dealing the final blows to robots in combat.  Components:  24 custom dice, 98 weapon cards, 12 special cards, 4 hit point tokens, 9 victory medal/kill point tokens and rules.  SRP: $24.99
Order Deadline: 03/15/2016

Labyrinth Goblins Expansion (07/15/2017)
The Goblins expansion for Jim Henson’s Labyrinth The Board Game continues your collection of creatures from the movie and gives you optional rules to make more use of the goblin infantry, cavalry and artillery.  Contents:  5 Goblin Figures (3 Infantry, 1 Cavalry and 1 Artillery), 5 New Labyrinth Cards, 1 Rules Leaflet.  This is an expansion for Labyrinth – The Board Game.  You will need a copy of the boar game to use the contents of this set. SRP: $25.00
Order Deadline: 02/03/2017

Thank Heaven: A Game of Good Virtue (TBD)
Thank Heavens is targeted towards families, youth groups, religious groups, and bible study groups whose purpose is to have fun while learning and discussing topics related to the Bible.  The mechanics within the game also make it fun for those with very little or advanced Bible knowledge, as it encourages group discussion, learning, and teamwork.  Use different types of clues in order for your teammates to guess people, places, objects and events from the Bible on one of 150 different Bible Cards.  Clues range from Striking a Pose or making a Facial Expression to using readily available props within reach to convey your message.  Special Conversation Cards are used to conjure up impromptu discussions about Biblical topics.  Special Virtue Cards are used to find virtuous traits among players during gameplay.  Contents:  200 Total Playable Cards, Play Mat and Color Rule Book. SRP: $29.99
Order Deadline: 11/11/2016

Deadline (06/15/2017)
New York City, the city that never sleeps.  Things were supposed to be different in our modern 1930’s.  Shining skyscrapers and subway cards to lead us into a grand future. Sure.  So why was I in the same dingy office with a cheap desk and a cheaper secretary, paid to track cheating spouses?  I had no more time for introspection.  I grabbed my hat and gun.  I slipped a flask into the pocket of my overcoat.  I was read to wade into the cesspool.  Play as hard-boiled detectives cooperatively investigating 12 cases.  Every case has clues with symbols that must be matched to unlock their secrets.  Players must wisely play their Lead cards to match the symbols on the clues to reveal what the clue offers.  Contents:  12 Cases(from 17-21 cards each), a Case Book, a Question Book, a Solution Book, Rules, 8 Detective Cards, 66 Lead and Plot Twist Cards, and Hot Tip and Bullet Tokens. SRP: $44.99
Order Deadline: 03/06/2017

Flag Dash (05/15/2017)
Secretly plan your moves to outmaneuver the opposing team in an exciting game of capture the flag!  Will your opponents ruin your plans, or will you return home victoriously with the flag?  SRP: $24.99
Order Deadline: 02/15/2017

Get the Cheese! (05/15/2017)
All neighborhood mice have been longing for the day when they can raid that largest home, and stuff themselves with its abundance of sumptuous cheese.  One day, when the family left, all the mice rushed into the large house, trying to beat their rivals to the goal, and hoping the vicious cat wouldn’t see them.  A game of Cat and Mouse…and Dog! Strategically deploy your animals so that your Dog chases away others’ Cats and your Cats catch others’ Mice and your Mice…Get the Cheese!  SRP: $14.95
Order Deadline: 03/15/2017

Pack of Lies (TBD)
Each player is on a grim quest to clear their name. They must gather a group of characters that will either use treachery and deceit or bash some skulls until they get to the truth! Accuse players of committing heinous acts that they must then disprove by using the muscle of their respective gangs! Gain Infamy and use your influence to persuade the different members to join your cause! Work with or against the different factions within the city, including: The Order, The Cops, The Syndicate/Mob, Enchanters and Dragonclan. 190 playable cards! Gameplay tokens, Token Sheet and full-color Rule Book included.
Order Deadline: July 12, 2016

The Dingo Ate the Baby (May 30, 2017)
Designed by industry legend Mike Elliott, The Dingo Ate the Baby is a brilliant variant on Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Babies scaring Elephants, Elephants stomping Lions, Lions eating Dingoes, and of course, Dingoes eating Babies.  Watch out for Monkeys.  Light fun for all ages.  Game plays in 30 minutes for 3-5 players.  Contents:  65 Playable cards, Tokens, 10 Sided Die and Game Board. SRP: $19.99
Order Deadline: October 10, 2016

Zircles Magnetic Travel Game (05/15/2017)
Zircles is a fun strategy game where you lay different geometric shapes & sizes that are magnetic onto a grid play board.  Each piece has part of a circle on its angle, try to connect pieces on the board that form a  Zircle to score with your marker on top.  Game ends when a player runs out of their geometric shaped pieces.  Sound easy?  Be careful, any piece left in your hand at the end of the game counts against your score.  See if you can score the most points, Zircles, to win!  Displays come packed with 2 each of 3 designs).  Contents:  24 Geometric Shapes, 1 Quick Start Rule Book, 32 Score Markers, 1 Travel Case. SRP: $15.00
Order Deadline: October 17, 2016

Train Heist (06/15/2017)
Train Heist is a cooperative board game of rightin’ wrongs and robbin’ trains as 2 to 4 players become a band of cowboys who work together to stop the corrupt Sheriff and the rich folks from stealing all of the townspeople’s earnings.  Unlike traditional board games with set paths and places to go.  Train Heist uses a free-range board where players can go anywhere they need to get the job done.  It also uses a unique game mechanic that causes the train to move around the board and load up new cargo and passengers, all while triggering random hectic events.  Featuring a special three-suit Poker Deck, players use hands of cards to loot the train and race their horse across Crackpot Canyon to deliver goods, all while earning reputations and special abilities that will stick with them until the game’s end.  If the townsfolk keep running out of loot to pay the Sheriff, it could be game over.  Reach the right amount of loot before the Even Deck runs out and the train skips town and you win!
Order Deadline: 02/15/2017

Millions of Dollars (07/15/2017)
Rob famous banks and prestigious casinos. And make sure you’re getting the biggest share of the loot. Millions of Dollars is a game of bluffing, misleading and negotiations that leaves no room to randomness.  Players secretly choose roles and form temporary alliances.  Whether you’re the mastermind, the Drive of the Snitch, any negotiation tactic is legitimate with your soon-to-be double-crossed accomplice.  SRP: $19.99
Order Deadline: 02/15/2017

Pathfinder Miniatures Maze of Death Booster (8 Ct Brick) (10/15/2017)
Maze of Death is the latest 52-figure set release in the award winning Pathfinder Battles line of miniatures.  Maze of Death follows the lead of popular Pathfinder Battles sets like Crown of Fangs to provide a legion of high-utility monsters and heroes suitable for any fantasy role-playing campaign. From lowly Ratfolk to Ghuls and Viper Vines, and fearsome Minotaurs to rare dungeon dressing inserts that add realism and fun to your fantasy gaming.  Maze of Death is packed with adversaries your game is looking for. SRP: $127.92/Brick

  • Pathfinder Miniatures Maze of Death Case Incentive (10/15/2017)

This fantastic Maze of Death Case Incentive set contains two beautiful display pieces that stand several inches tall and dwarf the other miniatures in the Pathfinder Maze of Pathfinder Maze of Death Case purchased, whiles supplies last.
Order Deadline: 06/26/2017

Attack on Titan the Last Stand Board Game (05/15/2017)
It’s all come down to this.  Titans have broken through Wall Maria and are heading for the supply depot in Trost.  If the depot falls, all the resources needed to continue fighting off these monstrous aberrations will be destroyed and all hop for the last remnants of mankind will be lost.  It’s up to you and your team to fend off and fell the Titans before they can succeed.  Are you ready for the last stand?  Positioning is key! The Titan and the castle walls create a vertical playing surface.  Move your character up and down as you see fit to avoid Attacks, or tactically position yourself to land a devastating blow on the Titan.  Tactics Cards can be revealed and utilized or passed on until later.  Your goal is to weaken the Titan so that it’s susceptible to a kill shot. But watch out!  The Titan has lots of tricks waiting for you.  SRP: $35.00
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Tempest Love Letter Lovecraft Letter (07/19/2017)
Lovecraft Letter is a game of risk, deduction and luck that uses the award-winning Love Letter engine.  2 to 6 players embark on a quest to find a relative of theirs.  But there are many obstacles, none of which more daunting that the insanity contained in some of the clues your relative left behind. Will you achieve your quest, or fall into insanity in the process?  Love Letter engine, for 2 to 6 players.  Artwork/graphic design by Vincent Dutrait.  Contents:  25 Game Cards, 6 Reference Cards, 40 Sleeves, 18 Sanity Tokens, and 2 Rulebooks.  SRP: $29.99
Order Deadline: 06/05/2017

Cottage Garden (06/15/2017)
As ambitious gardeners, you face the challenge of filling the beds in every corner of your garden with plants, inspired by the limitations of space, to create new compositions.  You will use a variety of plants – as well as flowerpots and garden items – to design a Cottage Garden that blooms with diversity.  Players compete to crate the best Cottage Garden, working two beds simultaneously, visiting the central market to gather their supplies.  Once a bed is completed, it is scored and then replaced with a fresh bed.  After a fifth lap through the market, the player with the most points in completed Cottage Garden wins.  SRP: $59.95
Order Deadline: 06/01/2017

Flamme Rouge (06/15/2017)
The leaders round the last corner and head for the finish line! Each team has used cunning and skill to position their Sprinter for this moment, but only one has done enough to pull off the win!  Flamme Rouge is a fast-paced, tactical bicycle racing game where each player controls a team of two riders: a Roller and a Sprinter.  The goal for each player is to be the first to cross the finish line with one of their riders. Players move their riders forward by drawing and playing cards from that rider’s specific deck, depleting it as they go.  Use slipstreams to avoid exhaustion and position your team for a well-timed sprint for the win.  Flamme Rouge is the ultimate tactical racing game. SRP: $59.95
Order Deadline: 06/01/2017

Ghost Catchers (06/15/2017)
At midnight, the ghosts begin to show up outside the old castle, taking turns peeking through the windows.  Now it is up to you Ghost Catchers!  Only you can catch them and make them magically disappear.  As Ghost Catchers, you will compare the ghosts with their shadows.  The player with the sharpest sight and the fastest hand will win!  Ghost Catchers uses unique square see-through playing cards showing the ghost shadows, enabling players to match up the ghosts.  There are many variations to the game of Ghost Catchers, enabling you to scale the difficulty for the youngest children all way through to adult. SRP: $24.95
Order Deadline: 06/01/2017

Destination Fun Combo Pack (06/21/2017)
All Aboard! The destination…fun!  This combo pack features three full size expansions for each game in AEG’s Popular Destination Fun Series, including Trains, Planes and Automobiles.  Own all three Destination Fun Expansion for the price of 2.  Contents includes:  Trains Coastal Tides Expansion, Planes Round Trip Expansion and Automobiles Racing Season Expansion.  Limited Print Run. Order now before supplies run out. SRP: $79.99
Order Deadline: 05/10/2017

Dungeon Rush (06/15/2017)
In Dungeon Rush, players are adventurers rushing through a perilous dungeon to root out evil, earning gold and improving their abilities along the way.  Each player has two heroes, one for their right hand and one for their left hand.  All players simultaneously reveal 2 dungeon cards each and attack the creatures with their heroes (by quickly placing their hands on the cards to fight them).  If the hero defeats the creature, they claim the card as loot and/or equipment that increases the abilities of their heroes.  Each hero can increase 4 different types of abilities:  Melee, Ranged, Magic and Stealth.  Dungeon Rush is a speed game where quick thinking and observation is just as important as quick hands.  SRP: $24.95
Order Deadline: 06/01/2017

Guildhall Fantasy the Gathering (07/12/2017)
The new set of Guildhall contains an all new stand-alone set for Guildhall, featuring six never before seen professions.  Additionally, this set contains two mini expansions: The Chapter Masters and The Masters Houses.  Other copies of Guildhall are not required to play but this set may be used to expand previous Guildhall Fantasy purchases.  All new Victory point deck may be used with any version of Guildhall or cards from the deck may be combined with other Victory Point decks for an all new customized deck. SRP: $44.99
Order Deadline: 06/05/2017

Honshu (05/15/2017)
Honshu is a map building card game set in feudal Japan.  Players are lords and ladies are Nobles houses seeking new lands and opportunities for fame and fortune.  One game of Honshu lasts 12 rounds, and each round is divided into two phases.  First, Map cards are played in a trick and the player who played the highest value card gets to pick first from those played.  Then the players use the Map cards picked to expand their personal maps.  Each player must expand their personal maps to maximize their scoring possibilities. Manipulating your position in the player order is crucial for mastering Honshu.  SRP: $25.00
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

One Night Ultimate Alien (06/15/2017)
In One Night Ultimate Alien, strange beings from the heavens have infiltrated your small village, bringing fearsome futuristic technology and an insatiable appetite for both villagers and cows. Fortunately, the village has many powerful inhabitants, most of whose goal is to save it from the alien invaders.  One Night Ultimate Alien is a fast game for 4-10 players where everyone gets a role: The scary technologically-advanced Aliens, the all-knowing Leader, the tippable cow, or others, each with a special ability.  In the course of a single evening, your village will decide who among them is an Alien, because all it takes is finding one Alien to win.  Alien can also be combined with the original One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Daybreak and Vampire games.  SRP: $24.95
Order Deadline: 06/01/2017

Koplow Dice Games Animals (36 Games with Display Rack) (05/08/2017)
Animal Dice Games.  Includes 36 Games, Display Rack and Sign.  Includes Cow, Loon, Moose, Wolf, Pig, Eagle, Bat, Horse Racing, Skunk, Black Bear, Frog and Turtle.
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

Koplow Dice Games Family (36 Games with Display Rack) (05/08/2017)
Animal Dice Games.  Includes 36 Games, Display Rack and Sign.  Includes Frog, Dino, Cow, Lobster, Moose, Jolly Roger, Wolf, Pig, Skunk, Black Bear, USA Flags and Alligator.
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

Koplow Dice Games Gambling (36 Games with Display Rack) (05/08/2017)
Animal Dice Games.  Includes 36 Games, Display Rack and Sign.  Includes Poker Dice, Pink Pachyderm, Crown & Anchor, 8-Sided Poker, and Spanish Poker.
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

Koplow Dice Games Sea Life (36 Games with Display Rack) (05/08/2017)
Animal Dice Games.  Includes 36 Games, Display Rack and Sign.  Includes Lobster, Crab, Fish, Greedy Gull, Frog, Alligator, and Turtle.
Order Deadline: 05/01/2017

Battle Kittens (07/15/2017)
Yes! They are cute as all that and have the cuteness ability to try and gain the most fish to win the game.  You’ll find yourself taking these kittens home to meet and play with or battle with.  A fun, fresh twist on a card-drafting game.  Players draft Kittens and deploy them into different Battlegrounds to compete to see who can claim the most fish.  SRP: $10.00
Order Deadline: 06/15/2017

Dread Draw (08/15/2017)
Press your luck, PvP style gameplay! Quick to learn but also contain deep, strategic elements! Summon creatures to battle your opponents in a great card based storytelling, fast paced game! Includes 100 cards, 1 Rule Book. All original art.
Order Deadline: 05/20/2017

Iron Curtain (06/01/2017)
An Iron Curtain descends in this micro game version of a battle between superpowers. Players take on the roles of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. as they attempt to dominate regions and battlegrounds, asserting influence to that victory ends up within their political reach.  Dominate battlegrounds, play through the Cold War in 20 minutes, and construct the world to your advantage.  SRP: $20.00
Order Deadline: 05/15/2017

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets The Alpha Missions (07/15/2017)
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets The Alpha Missions is a cooperative board game in which players work together to complete mission objectives, battle nefarious aliens and get out before they are captured.  Valerian arrives in stores to coincide with the release of the film in July 2017.  SRP: $50.00
Order Deadline: 06/15/2017

VS System 2PCG: Legacy (05/15/2017)
Epic competitive gameplay to pit your team of Allies against your opponents! Same style of gameplay as core set. Each box comes with over 200 playable cards across eight different team factions! 8 new Main Characters and 32 new Supporting Characters to expand on the current 8 Marvel factions. ‘Low Barrier of Entry’ for new players! Customize your new team or enhance your existing! 200 Cards and Rule Book.

  • Early Pre-Order Offer: Receive a FREE VS Table Mat with your pre-order of a case or more by Friday May 5th.

Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

Weiss Schwarz BanG Dream! Booster (06/30/2017)
The members of Poppin’ Party are shining on the Weiss Schwarz English Edition stage for the BanG Dream! Booster Pack! Join the search for the Star Beat with Kasumi and friends! 10 types of exclusive SP Gold Foil/Hot Stamp signed cards from the following Japanese voice cast are inserted randomly in packs! Kasumi Toyama: Aimi, Tae Hanazono: Sae Otsuka, Rimi Ushigome: Rimi Nishimoto, Saya Yamabuki: Ayaka Ohashi, Arisa Ichigaya: Ayasa Ito, Yuri Ushigome: Suzuko Mimori, Nanana Wanibe: Mikoi Sasaki, Rii Uzawa: Izumi Kitta, Hinako Nijikki: Sora Tokui, Asuka Toyama: Yuka Ozaki.
Order Deadline: 05/24/2017

Hockey Pre-Orders

17-18 Upper Deck MVP Hockey (08/09/2017)
Collect the outstanding 250-card base set, including Base Set High Series SP’s falling 1:2 Packs. The amazing Colors & Contours Insert Set averages 5 per box, featuring Spectrum Light F/X Variations of the base set broken into 9 unique subsets. Find blue, gold & purple inserts with 3 different perimeter Die Cuts, all with varying rates of scarcity. NEW! New NHL Player Credentials ID Badge falling 4 per box, featuring 30 of the top players in the NHL. Grab Rookie Redemption cards, hitting 1 per case, and delivering 8 cards in return. Find Silver Script Parallels, hitting 6 per box. Look for Super Script Parallels, #’d to just 25. New Black Super Script Parallels, #’d to 5.
Order Deadline: 05/07/2017

17-18 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Hockey (09/06/2017)
Features at 600-card Base Set! Look for brand new 77-card Mini Set including Short Prints & Rare Variations falling 1 in 4 packs. Look for The Black variations limited to 27 copies. O-Pee-Chee Patches are back with 100 all new manufactured patches! Look for some great holdover rookies in The Marquee Rookies insert, highlighted by Clayton Keller, Alex Nylander, Tyson Jost, Nikita Scherbak, Alex Tuch, Josh Ho-sang, Ivan Barbashev & Evgeny Svechnikov. Grab Rainbow Foil (1:4) and Black Rainbow Foil (#’d to 100) Parallels of the 600-card Base Set. Go Retro with Retro Variations, delivering 1 per pack. Back by Popular Demand, O-Pee-Chee Playing Cards falling 5 per pack. Collect the entire deck and play some of your favorite card games. BOX BREAK: 32 Retro cards, 8 Rainbow Parallels, 2 Black Bordered Rainbow Parallels #’d to 100, 5 OPC Playing Cards, 8 New Minis.
Order Deadline: 06/02/2017

16-17 Upper Deck Black Hockey (05/23/2017)
New configuration, now featuring 5 premium cards per pack with a spectacular design! Features 100% on-card signatures, 2 autographs per box. Autographs feature 35 Top NHL Rookie Stars from the 2016-17 season, printed on a gleaming acetate surface. Find extremely rare Black & Blue Parallels, #’d to 5. NEW! Look for Color-Coded Autographs and Auto-Jersey cards, featuring stunning on-card autographs. Find Black Hole Relics and Premium Relic Cards, including autographed parallels of NHL’s top Rookies, Stars and Legends. Find Pro Penmanship Cards including Single, Combos and Trios, all with on-card signatures. Star Trademarks & Rookie Trademarks Inserts deliver an array of oversized Jersey and Patch Cards. BOX BREAK: 4 Autograph, Material or Booklet Cards (no less than 2 of the 4 will include an Autograph), 1 Base card including: Regular #’d to 299 Gold Spectrum #’d to 25 or Black & Blue #’d 1-of-1. Allocated
Order Deadline: 02/08/2017

16-17 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey (05/17/2017) sold out
Every box of 2016-17 SP Authentic will deliver at least one autographed Future Watch Rookie card and one additional autographed card. Grab 2 hard-signed Patch cards per case! Look for new Spectrum variations of select base set stars and Future Watch rookies, featuring 100 cards printed on gorgeous spectrum Light FX falling 1 per box. Find Upper Deck Updates and Young Guns Update cards, including exclusive parallels #’d to 100 and the highly sought after High Gloss parallels #’d to a mere 10. Look for Sign of the Times Rookie Autographs featuring the top of the 2016-17 rookie class. BOX BREAK: 1 Rookie Future Watch Autograph Card, 1 Additional Autograph Card, 1 New Spectrum Card, 1 Additional Autograph or Spectrum Card, 14 cards from the following: Authentic Moments, Silver Skates, Upper Deck Update, Upper Deck Young Guns Update and Upper Deck Season Highlights.
Order Deadline: 02/01/2017

16-17 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey (06/21/2017)
Each pack contains 3 premium hits with one hit guaranteed to be a Rookie Autograph #’d to 299 or less! All autograph cards are hard-signed. Look for Autographed Rookie Shields, featuring the biggest hits for this year’s super rookies. Look for one or more Rookie Autograph or Rookie Autograph Material #’d to 49 or less per inner case. Collectors will go crazy for the 2006-07 throwback Retro Rookie cards, featuring Jersey, Autographs, Autographed Patch and Autographed Shield Variations. NEW! Look for Ultimate Introductions Rookie Cards featuring 50 top prospects from the 2016-17 rookie class. Look for the rare hobby exclusive Onyx Black Parallels #’d to 25. Look for a slew of high-end memorabilia inserts including signed versions and premium material parallels of Ultimate Performers, Numeric Excellence, Keystone Fabrics & Signature Laureates. BOX BREAK: 1 Hard Signed Rookie Autograph, 1 additional Autograph or Premium Material card, 1 Jersey card, 1 #’d Base or Ultimate Introduction. ALLOCATED
Order Deadline: 03/24/2017

17 Upper Deck Toronto Maple Leafs Centennial (09/13/2017)
Take a look back and celebrate the great players, accomplishments and special memories of one of the most important franchises in hockey history! Find Autographs and relics from great players like Doug Gilmour, Wendel Clark, Darryl Sittler & current Maple Leafs Players! TIN EXCLUSIVE: Get one (3 1/4” x 8 1/2”) Mini Championship Banner! Collect the 200-card base set featuring Maple Leafs alumni and current rising stars!
Order Deadline: 04/18/2017

16-17 Upper Deck Premier Hockey (07/26/2017)
Every box will deliver one Rookie Autograph Patch, featuring an over-sized Patch Swatch with a hard-signed autograph and Acetate Stock! Find Gold Spectrum Parallels #’d to 25 as well as stunning 1-of-1 Platinum Blue Spectrum Parallel! Premier Mega Patch – Mega Value! With enormous game used patches measuring 1.75” x 2.75” spreading nearly the WHOLE card, the Mega Patch insert will deliver enormous Secondary value! Find Chest Logos, Shoulder Logos, Sleeve Numbers & Commemorative Logo Patches. Find Mega Patch and Mega Stick Duos and Trios! New Premier Gear and Rookie Premier Gear cards featuring premium materials including stick, glove, patch, tags and even buttons #’d as low as 10! Find the rare Spectrum parallel #’d to 3. The Legendary 2003-04 Premier Rookie Autograph Patch Design makes a stunning return with up to 30 Top 2016-17 Rookies #’d to 99 or less. BOX BREAK: One Rookie Autograph Patch card, four additional autograph or memorabilia cards, two base Rookies or Legends. Allocated
Order Deadline: 03/14/2017

16-17 Leaf Metal Hockey (04/28/2017)
16-17 Leaf Metal Hockey.  7 Autographs or Vintage Memorabilia Cards per box.  Base Autographs.  Vision Quest.  Lords of Hockey.  Toronto Centennial Season.  Winters Future. Draft Class and more.  Subject to allocation if Leaf does not fill our full order.
Order Deadline: 02/24/2017

Other and Multi-Sport Pre-Orders

17 Panini Torque Racing (05/17/2017)
Find one auto or memorabilia card in every pack. Look for on-card autographs. Memorabilia cards will feature multiple swatches. Find one insert, or Clear Vision-style insert and one autograph or memorabilia card in every pack. Find an autograph from a top 5 driver in each inner.
Order Deadline: 04/09/2017

16-17 Panini Revolution Soccer (06/14/2017)
Panini’s Revolution, the most vibrant brand of trading cards in the hobby, comes to soccer for the first time! All players will be shown in action with their club team. In all, 28 club teams from 14 countries are featured in the collection! Watch for at least eight parallel cards in every hobby box! There are eight parallels to chase, including three that are serial numbered (Cosmic #’d/100, Magna #’d/49 and Disco #’d/25). Find one numbered parallel card in each box, on average! Each box will deliver at least five insert cards! Look for the premiere of budding stars, such as Ousmane Dembele, Marco Asensio and Denis Suarez in On the Rise, as well as the first Panini cards of soccer legends such as Thierry Henry, Andriy Shevchenko and Ruud van Nistelrooy in Revolutionaries. Autograph cards, featuring current and retired stars, will fall one in every 16 packs. BOX BREAK: At least 8 parallels, 1 of which is #’d/100 or less, at least 5 inserts 1 autograph in every 16 packs.
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

17 Leaf Originals Wrestling (05/01/2017)
2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling celebrates the legendary names that defined wrestling over the last half decade. Featuring all On Card Autographs, Originals Wrestling once again delivers in 2017 with a strong selection of names as ever.  Look for Multiple Parallel Levels as limited as 1 of 1.  5 On-Card Autographs per box.
Order Deadline: 01/23/2017.

17 Topps UFC Chrome (07/19/2017)
For the first time ever, the Topps Company is proud to present 2017 UFC Chrome. Loaded with base card refractor parallel cards, the reliable brand will showcase established UFC legends and veteran athletes, as well as newly debuting rookies. Each box guarantees 2 autograph cards. Look for hot and Diamond Boxes in every case of UFC Chrome! Hobby Exclusive.
Order Deadline: 03/20/2017

17 Topps UFC Knockout (05/24/2017)
Each 4-pack box guarantees: Autograph Relic or Autograph Cards, 4 Relic Cards. Every 10-card pack guarantees” 1 Autograph Relic or Autograph Card, 1 Relic Card, 2 Base Parallel cards.
Order Deadline: 01/07/2017

17 Topps Legends of WWE (09/20/2017)
Featuring your favorite Men’s and Women’s Division WWE Legends and Hall of Famers! 5 cards per pack. 6 packs per mini-box. 2 hits per mini-box. One guaranteed autograph per mini-box! Hits include Autograph Cards, Relic Cards, Autographed Relic Cards and Autographed Commemorative Championship Cards. Each display box contains 12 packs, 6 in each of 2 mini boxes.
Order Deadline: 05/03/2017

17 Topps WWE Undisputed (06/21/2017)
Topps WWE Undisputed is back! Featuring top Men’s and Women’s Division WWE Superstars & Legends and NXT prospects in spectacular designs on premium thick card stock. Each pack contains 1 Autograph, Autograph Relic or Relic Card. 8 Autographs and 2 Relic cards per box.
Order Deadline: 02/10/2017

17 Topps WWE (05/03/2017) sold out
2017 Topps WWE explores the Raw, SmackDown LIVE, NXT and WWE Legends rosters, featuring the 2017 Topps design! 2 hits per hobby box.
Order Deadline: 01/08/2017

17 Topps WWE Heritage (08/02/2017)
2017 Topps WWE Heritage explores the Raw, SmackDown LIVE, NXT and WWE Legends rosters using THE iconic 1987 Topps design on 24-pt heritage stock! 2 Hits per hobby box! One guaranteed autograph!
Order Deadline: 03/24/2017

17 TriStar Quest (06/07/2017)
The pursuit of your collectible dreams!  Autographs from Stars of the Past & Present from the world of Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Celebrities, Politics, Entertain and more.  Discover Unique Autographs from more than 175 Legendary Stars on More than 40 different styles of collectible memorabilia.  Find Randomly Inserted Hot Boxes, Hot Hits and Hot Grand Treasure.  Limited to 50 cases.
Order Deadline: 05/08/2017


.Ultra PRO Pokémon Premium Pro Binder-Pokéball (07/01/2017)
Each premium Pro binder had the iconic look of the red and white Pokéball.  The cover is designed with a padded leatherette look.  Each binder will hold 360 cards.  SRP: $30.99.
Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

Ultra PRO 3 Inch Collectors Binder White Stitched Baseball (07/01/2017)
The white stitched baseball card collector’s album is back by popular demand.  This album features hand sewn red stitching and the wording “Baseball Collectors Album” debossed on the front and on the spine.  Durable construction with reinforced hinges and heavy duty 3 inch D-ring.  The albums are rated to withstand 10 degree Fahrenheit to minimize cold cracking.  There is a clear indexing slot on the spine with an index card to allow for easy organizing of your collections.  SRP: $16.99 each.
Order Deadline: 04/28/2017

Ultra PRO One Punch Man Game Sleeves (65 Ct Pack) (07/01/2017)
Each black bordered sleeve features characters from One Punch Man.  SRP: $5.99 per pack.

  • Boros
  • Genos
  • Saitama “Okay”

Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Ultra PRO Walking Dead Play Mats (05/26/2017)
Each play mat features characters from AMC’s Walking Dead.  SRP: $19.99 each.

  • Michonne
  • Rick and Daryl
  • Surrounded

Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Owlbear Dice Cozy from Ultra PRO (05/15/2017)
What D & D player doesn’t want an Owlbear of their own?  This plush dice bag cozy is perfect for holding dice and tokens or any other small trinket.  Each one has an elastic loop and clip to hook on your gamer’s bag, backpack, belt loop or purse!  SRP: $14.99 each.

Ultra PRO Comic Case (05/15/2017)
Show off your comic books in style with the new Comic Case, ideal for organizing, storing and transporting your comic book collection.  The sleek, lightweight design is perfect for transporting comics at a convention, protecting them as you go.  The premium magnetic closures allow you to close you case on the go quickly and securely.  Sized to hold current, regular, silver and golden comics.  Each case will hold up to 15 comics in Ultra PRO comic preservers.  SRP: $10.99 each.

Ultra PRO D20 Jumbo Plush Die (05/15/2017)
Bring this novelty jumbo D20 die plush home and add some geek chic to your living room. This 10 inch diameter plush features embroidered sequential number layout and a soft premium fabric shell.  Each panel is reinforced with felt backing to help maintain the shape.  SRP: $19.99 each.

  • Black with Silver Numbers
  • Red with White Numbers

Ultra PRO Force of Will Sleeve Covers with Moonbreeze’s Memoria Card (65 CT pack) (05/15/2017)
Each pack has 65 sleeve covers with the Force of Will logo and design printed on them. Each pack will also include an exclusive promotional Force of Will alternate art promo card, Moonbreeze’s Memoria.  SRP: $6.49 per pack.
Order Deadline: 12/31/1899

Ultra PRO MTG Treasure Nest Dice Bag (04/15/2017)
Emblazoned with the iconic Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker symbol, this treasure nest is ideal for carrying your dice, figures, and any other battle implements to your next gaming session.  Featuring a high quality, soft fabric with velvet-like liner and a secure, sliding drawstring clasp.  SRP: $10.99 each.
Order Deadline: 12/31/1899

Ultra PRO Game Sleeves-Pro Matte Eclipse Black (8 Ct Display Box) (06/15/2015)
New Pro Matte Eclipse deck protector sleeves completely hide card backs with an added layer of opaque black material.  These new sleeves use matte clear material to show the card face while minimizing glare and offering a unique, smooth and professional shuffling experience.  These are packaged 8 packs of 80 sleeves per display box.  SRP: $7.99 per pack.

Ultra PRO Yu-Gi-Oh Sleeves-Pro Matte Eclipse Black (12 Ct Display Box) (06/15/2017)
New Pro Matte Eclipse deck protector sleeves completely hide card backs with an added layer of opaque black material.  These new sleeves use matte clear material to show the card face while minimizing glare and offering a unique, smooth and professional shuffling experience.  These are packaged 12 packs of 60 sleeves per display box.  SRP: $7.99 per pack.

Mega Monster 9-Pocket Binders * NEW from Monster (06/15/2017
Self-expanding binder for safe storage. These Binders carry twice as many cards as a standard 9 Pocket Binder.  SRP: $29.95

  • Black Matte
  • White Matte
  • We saw these at GAMA and they are very nice!

Order Deadline: 05/08/2017

No Game No Live Play Mats from Ultra PRO (06/15/2017) .
Play Mats from the anime show No Game No Life.  SRP: $17.99 each.

  • Sora vs Steph
  • Throne Room

Order Deadline: 05/09/2017


Marvel Iron Fist Funko Dorbz Figure *Specialty* (06/15/2017)
Dorbz Marvel Iron Fist Specialty Figure. Limit 6 per customer.
Order Deadline: 03/14/2017

Marvel X-Men Iceman Funko Pop Figure *Specialty* (06/15/2017)
Pop Vinyl Marvel X-Men Iceman Specialty Figure. Limit 6 per customer.
Order Deadline: 03/14/2017

Pee-wee Herman Funko Dorz Figure (05/15/2017)
Order Deadline: 03/17/2017

Despicable Me 3 Funko Dorbz Figures (04/15/2017)

  • Agnes
  • Gru
  • Hula Jerry
  • Jail Time Phil

Order Deadline: 03/17/2017

Despicable Me 3 Funko Keychains (04/15/2017)

  • Agnes
  • Carl

Order Deadline: 03/17/2017

Marvel Spiderman Homecoming Funko Keychains (04/15/2017)

  • Spiderman in his Homemade Suit
  • Spiderman

Order Deadline: 03/17/2017

South Park Funko Keychains (06/15/2017)

  • Zombie Kenny
  • Mysterion

Order Deadline: 03/17/2017

DC Wonder Woman Funko Keychain (03/30/2017)
Order Deadline: 03/17/2017

Lord of the Rings Funko Rock Candy Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Arwen
  • Eowyn

Order Deadline: 03/17/2017

BoJack Horseman Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • BoJack Horseman
  • Diane Nguyen
  • Mr. Peanutbutter
  • Princess Carolyn
  • Todd Chavez

Order Deadline: 03/06/2017

Marvel Funko Pop Figures (04/15/2017)

  • Peter Parker
  • Spiderman Movie Spiderman
  • Spiderman Homemade Suit
  • Tony Stark
  • Vulture

Order Deadline: 03/06/2017

South Park Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Kyle
  • Phillip
  • Professor Chaos
  • Stan
  • Terrance

Order Deadline: 03/06/2017

Borderlands Funko Pop Figures (05/28/2017)

  • Emperor Claptrap
  • Lilith the Siren
  • Tiny Tina
  • Zero

Order Deadline: 03/10/2017

DC Justice League Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Aquaman
  • Batman
  • Cyborg
  • Flash
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman

Order Deadline: 03/06/2017

Despicable Me 3 Funko Pint Size Heroes (Display Box of 24) (06/15/2017)
Despicable Me 3 Pint Size Heroes 24Ct PDQ.
Order Deadline: 03/06/2017

Disney Darkwing Duck Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Darkwing Duck
  • Gosalyn Mallard
  • Launchpad McQuack

Order Deadline: 03/16/2017

Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko Pop Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Nightmare Bonnie
  • Nightmare Chica
  • Nightmare Cupcake
  • Nightmare Foxy

Order Deadline: 03/06/2017

Harry Potter Funko Rock Candy Figures (05/21/2017)

  • Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Harry Potter
  • Hermione Granger
  • Luna Lovegood
  • Ron Weasley

Order Deadline: 03/03/2017

Disney Kingdom Hearts Chip & Dale 2 pack Funko Pop Figure (04/15/2017)
Order Deadline: 02/28/2017

Captain Underpants Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)
Captain Underpants

  • Professor Poopypants

Order Deadline: 02/28/2017

Batman Animated Series Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Bane
  • Catwoman
  • Clayface
  • Phantasm
  • Robot Batman
  • Scarecrow

Order Deadline: 02/28/2017

Reservoir Dogs Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017) …..

  • Mr. Blonde
  • Mr. Pink
  • Mr. White

Order Deadline: 02/28/2017

Street Fighter Funko Pint Size Heroes (Display Box of 24) (06/15/2017)
Street Fighter Pint Size Heroes.  24Ct PDQ.
Order Deadline: 02/28/2017

Disney Funko Home Pens 16Ct PDQ (Display Box of 16) (03/15/2017)
Disney Pens 16Ct PDQ.  Collect Belle, Beast, Ariel, an Ursula as Super Cute Pen Toppers.
Order Deadline: 02/24/2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Funko Pop Figure Ego (03/15/2017)
Ego Figure.
Order Deadline: 02/24/2017

Masters of the Universe Trap Jaw Funko Pop Figure *Specialty* (05/15/2017)
Pop Vinyl Masters of the Universe Trap Jaw Specialty Figure.  Limit 6 per store.
Order Deadline: 02/20/2017

Despicable Me 3 Dave Tourist Funko Dorbz Figure *Specialty* (04/15/2017
Dorbz Despicable I Tourist Dave DM3 Specialty Figure. Limit 6 per store.
Order Deadline: 02/20/2017

Rick and Morty Funko Pop Figures (04/15/2017)

  • Bird Person
  • Morty Weaponized
  • Mr. Meeseeks
  • Mr. Poopy Butthole
  • Rick Weaponized
  • Rick Snowball
  • Rick Squanchy

Order Deadline: 02/17/2017

Pop Rocks Funko Pop Figures (04/15/2017)

  • Jimmy Hendrix Woodstock
  • Joey Ramone

Order Deadline: 02/17/2017

Gears of War Funko Pop Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Augustus Cole
  • Brumak 6-inch
  • Damon Baird Armored
  • Dominic Santiago
  • Marcus Fenix Old Man
  • Oscar

Order Deadline: 02/10/2017

Mr. Robot Funko Pop Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Angela Moss
  • Darlene Alderson
  • Elliot Anderson
  • Mr. Robot
  • White Rose

Order Deadline: 02/10/2017

My Hero Academia Funko Pop Figures (05/15/2017)

  • All Might
  • Deku
  • Katsuki
  • Ochako
  • Tenya

Order Deadline: 02/10/2017

‘90s Nickelodeon Funko Pop Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Ickis
  • Krumm
  • Oblina
  • Reptar
  • Tommy

Order Deadline: 02/10/2017

Park & Recreation Funko Pop Figures (05/17/2017)

  • Andy Dwyer
  • April Ludgate
  • Leslie Knope
  • Lil’ Sebastian
  • Ron Swanson
  • Tom Haverford

Order Deadline: 02/10/2017

Teen Wolf Funko Pop Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Scott McCall
  • Scott McCall Werewolf
  • Stiles Stilinski

Order Deadline: 02/10/2017

Workaholics Funko Pop Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Adam
  • Anders
  • Blake
  • Karl

Order Deadline: 02/10/2017

Mystery Minis DC Spiderman (Display Box of 12) (03/15/2017)
Order Deadline: 01/23/2017

Back to the Future Funko Playmobil Figures (02/15/2017)
The Funko Playmobil Figures are finally here!  These 6-inch figures are making their way onto shelves.  Collect these fun and nostalgic figures soon.

  • Doc
  • Marty

Order Deadline: 01/23/2017

Ghostbusters Funko Playmobil Figures (02/15/2017)

  • Dr. Raymond Stantz
  • Peter Venkman

Order Deadline: 01/23/2017

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Funko Playmobil Figures (02/15/2017)

  • Leonardo
  • Michelangelo
  • Shredder

Order Deadline: 01/23/2017

Willy Wonka Funko Playmobil Figures (02/15/2017)

  • Oompa Loompa
  • Willy Wonka

Order Deadline: 01/23/2017

Alien Funko Rock Candy Ripley Figure (03/15/2017)
Order Deadline: 01/23/2017

Despicable Me 3 Funko Pop Figures (04/15/2017

  • Fluffy
  • Grue Black
  • Kyle
  • Tourist Dave
  • Tourist Jerry

Order Deadline: 01/05/2017

Dark Tower Funko Pop Figures (02/15/2017)
The Gunslinger

  • Man in Black

Order Deadline: 11/07/2016

DC Batman Classic TV Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Batgirl
  • King Tut
  • Mr. Freeze
  • Penguin
  • Riddler

Order Deadline: 03/31/2017

Fallout Funko Dorbz Figures (04/15/2017)

  • Mysterious Stranger
  • Vault Boy – Grim Reaper
  • Vault Boy – Rooted

Order Deadline: 03/31/3201

Marvel Ghost Rider w/Motorcycle Funko Dorbz Ridez Figure (04/15/2017
Order Deadline: 03/31/2017

Looney Tunes Funko Dorbz Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Bugs – Duck Season
  • Daffy – Wabbit Season
  • Elmer Fudd w/Gun
  • Peter Puma

Order Deadline: 03/31/2017

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Sally (Seated) Funko Keychain (04/15/2017)
Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

Trollhunters Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Blinky
  • Bular
  • Claire
  • Toby

Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

Death Note Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • L
  • Light
  • Ryuk

Order Deadline: 03/31/2017

Once Piece Chopper Funko Keychain (05/15/2017)
Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

Disney Aladdin Funko Dorbz Figures (05/15/2017)

  • Jafar
  • Rajah
  • Genie

Order Deadline: 04/07/2017

Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Annie Leonhart
  • Levi Ackerman
  • Armored Titan 6-Inch

Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Attack on Titan Funko Keychains (06/15/2017)

  • Annie Leonhart
  • Levi Ackerman

Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Leftovers Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Matt
  • Patti

Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Planet of the Apes Funko Dorbz Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Cornelius
  • George
  • Zira – Limited Edition

Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Stranger Things Funko Keychains (06/15/2017)

  • Barb
  • Demogorgon – Open Face
  • Dustin
  • Eleven with Eggo

Order Deadline: 03/17/2017

WWE Funko Pint Size Heroes Superstars (Display Box of 24) (06/15/2017)
WWE Superstars Pint Size Heroes.  24Ct PDQ.  This series features some of the biggest names in WWE!  Unwrap the blind bags to find Kevin Owens, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Savage, Nikki Bella and members of The New Day and More.
Order Deadline: 04/17/2017

Keychains Lord of the Rings (06/15/2017)

  • Frodo
  • Gandalf

Order Deadline: 04/24/2017

Pop Figures Lord of the Rings (06/15/2017)

  • Balrog 6” $10.50
  • Frodo (chase figure 1 in 6)
  • Gandalf
  • Nazgul
  • Samwise Gamgee
  • Saruman

Order Deadline: 04/24/2017

Pop Figure Rocks Justin Bieber (06/15/2017)
Order Deadline: 04/24/2017

Walking Dead Mystery Minis In Memoriam (Display box of 12) (06/15/2017)
Walking Dead Mystery Minis In Memoriam.  The apocalypse has a way of taking even the best ones.  They might be gone, but not forgotten.  This series features previous characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead! Each box includes some of the most memorable characters, who are no longer with us, including Shane, Lori, Andrea and more.

  • Early Pre-Order Offer: Receive your choice of any Walking Deal $7.50 POP Figure with Every Display you pre-order by Friday May 5th.

Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Five Nights/Freddy’s Mystery Minis #2 (Display box of 12) (05/30/2017)
Mystery Minis Five Nights at Freddy’s Series 2.
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Pint Size Heroes Megaman (Display Box of 24) (06/15/2017)
Megaman Pint Size Heroes.  24Ct PDQ.
Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Elder Scrolls Funko Pop Figures (06/15/2017)

  • Naryu
  • Vivec
  • Warden

Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Pop Figure Valerian (07/15/2017)

  • Commander Arun Filitt
  • Da
  • Doghan Daguis (one each of two chase figures per six)
  • Igon Siruss
  • Laureline
  • Valerian

Order Deadline: 05/05/2017

Naruto Funko Dorbz (06/15/2017)

  • Naruto… Chase 1:6
  • Sakura

Order Deadline: 05/05/2017


Updated 04/28/2017