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17 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Collegiate Football

17 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Collegiate Football


A longtime standout in the Panini family, Contenders Draft Picks College Football returns in 2017 with plenty of autographs! The popular College Tickets subset features autographs from the 2017 NFL Draft and includes sequentially numbered Bowl Tickets, Playoff Tickets, Championship Tickets, Cracked Ice Tickets and Printing Plate parallels. Find rare autographs from college football legends in both Alumni Ink and Old School Colors Signatures. Chase autograph inserts, such as Collegiate Connections Signatures, School Colors Signatures, Passing Grade Signatures and Rush Week Signatures, featuring autographs from this year’s deep running back class. Each hobby box will deliver 6 autographs! BOX BREAK: 6 autographs, 3 rush week, 3 collegiate connections, 3 passing grades, 9 game day tickets, 6 school colors, 6 old school colors.

Order Deadline: 03/25/2017


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